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New Full On Updated track ..

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Heres an updated version of the track...

It still needs a lot of work on the breaks, transitions, mastering & EQ but u get the basic picture

Lemme know what u think..

Suggestions/Criticism/Feedback and Brutal Honesty welcome !!




The percussion sounds nice, but I would like a bit fatter bass, and deeper. Try lowering the bassline a bit, and maybe add a sub too. (:

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Nice intro. Yeah, the bass could indeed a bit lowered, I think it sounds a bit too high.

Like xiphiaz said, very good percussion and percussive FX. 1:50 wonderful dark passage. I think the synth could get a bit sharper, try boosting the upper freqency, or add some distortion. Or add a gate, in my opinion it sounds a bit lame. Cool hi distorted synth. I think you could try adding another layer and it works fine. A friend once told me "good psy has to make the 10KHz+ area explode", you should try to ;) ... Good job, keep it up :)

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Thanks for the feedback

Abt the bass yeah im gonna lower it and give it a little more decay so its more smoother... <_<


Explosions at 10 Khz ... that can be arranged... for ur friend :):D


Hopefuly will have a an updated version up for some serious comments agai !!

Thanks a lot !!

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