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Zebedee Gherkin

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wtf man?  :huh:  That's not posford stuff!  :D

though a good cd :) (made by ofer dii btw :) )

here's the discography: http://www.discogs.com/release/77403


Heh :D Of course Pigs in space is by Ofer Dikovsky and not by Posford. I know that, mate. You took it out of context :)


What i meant, was that my overall taste is in Posford/TIP stuff. But it also happens to include Pigs in Space which is in a class for itself. Thanks for the insight on Ofer, but i know pretty much every release he's put out since I'm a HUGE fan of Pigs in Space and his Oforia album "Delirious" as well as his Tandu "multimoods" cd. B)

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I mean, does anybody (except ukiro  ;) ) want some 1997-release by Mr Joe Bob where his has synths farting and he keeps banging his bathroom sink?


That happens to be smack bang in the middle of my favourite few years of music so....... yep i do want the farting a sink banging thank-you-very-much! ;)


I dont think I have much hope in getting complete discographies of my faves but am attempting.... (keeping in mind the journey is the fun part...)....



Infected Mushroom

Juno Reactor

Chi-A.D. ..... after a recent discovery of this fuckin great music!


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