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got a new track online,pls download if u have time

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wuts up ppl?


i just got an account at ic-musicmedia.com and ive managed to upload one of my tracks...it took me a whole hour to upload 9MB cuz of the slow ass connection over on this side of the world...anyways its one of my favorite tracks of mine, and i would really appreciate any comments or remarks u guys have. unfortunately im stuck in a city where psy trance is pretty much unknown, so ppl dont usually give me any productive remarks...so im hoping u guys can change that..


i dont really know how to describe my style...some call it trance, others call it psy trance...i dont know and i dont really care....its got its own flavor, incorporating all the kinds of music i listen to..some breaks, some psy trance, some trance...i dont know..


anyways i would be really grateful if u guys would have a listen

many thanks,




ABN - Disturbing Behavior

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Not that good man...didn't like at all. Don't get mad now! :P You asked for opinions and here's mine. The track is way too repetitive and somehow lacks inspiration. But keep producing maybe you'll get better. :)

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haha, thanks for the review...no worries, not mad at all..its just funny cuz most ppl tell me my style isnt repetitive enough and they think its hard to dance to..but anyways...and for sure ill keep producing, and i probably will get better...but u make it sound like i dont know wut im doing and like im a complete amateur...sorry to say ure wrong, but ive been rocking dancefloors here in bangkok for over a year, and people here dont even listen to psy trance, so its kind of an accomplishment for me...and yeah, i wasnt expecting anyone to tell me im the next infected or gms...i just do what i do and if u dont like my style than thats perfectly fine, but please analzye carefully and dont just say u dont like it at all and i should keep working at it...



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I was listening but I have to go now, so Ill continue some other time


what I can say is that I like all these changes (like with the bassline) until 1:20... Later there was one particular effect that I didnt enjoy, but I cant define it now because I just closed winamp..


so as I said, I comment latter...



btw, for what I had heard so far, it's not bad like the other guy said..

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