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Found 2 results

  1. Under Voice Records Proudly to present Space Ganesh Pt.1 Compiled by PsyToniK After returning from our latest journey through the universe, our Mother Ship returns to Earth to proudly present the First part of a 3 parted release denominated SPACE GANESH compiled by Psytonik. This first Bomb drops 10 powerful tracks stuffed with stellar fragments drawn from distant and extremely Radioactive galaxies. vibrating waves of alien technology, overflowing psychedelics into a hyper-sonic metamorphosis that numbs the soul and creates an extra-sensory connection unifying the body and the spirit. An atomic bomb that will spread in your being to free your senses. 01 ChakraView – Save the Rave (India) 02 Aknoyd – Visual Templates (Brasil) 03 GrooveHunter & LaaToka – First Trip (Russia) 04 Metrix – The Monster Under My Bed (Switzerland) 05 Buckle vs Groark – Disorder System (Brazil) 06 Z3nkai – Bad Religion (Switzerland) 07 Brain Jam – DELIVERING CHIPS (Italy) 08 Mind Pirates – Rapid Life (India) 09 Cosmic Iron – Fixacia (Israel) 10 Aragorn – Multiballs (Switzerland) Mastered by: Wild Mastering (UK) ART Design: FlowMotion Starspine (ZA) https://www.beatport.com/release/space-ganesh-pt-1/2028492 ◘ ♫ PsyToniK ♫ ◘ http://psytonik.dj/ https://www.facebook.com/PsyTonik.dj/ https://www.mixcloud.com/Dj_PsyToniK/ https://www.instagram.com/psytonik/ ◘ ♫ Under Voice Records ♫ ◘ https://undervoice.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/undervoicerec https://soundcloud.com/undervoicerecords https://www.mixcloud.com/undervoicerecords/ https://www.beatport.com/label/under-voice-records/21615
  2. Artist: Sonic Crime Title: Live & Dead Label: Monstruo.ink Crew & Undervoice Records Date: November, 2011 1. The End Is Yet To Come 2. Too Far 3. Schizo Gliufd 4. When & Then This is Nick Piliouris from Greece. The only reason I'm giving it a listen is the cover. And I'm bored. The End Is Yet To Come- Breakbeat, drum n bass, jungle, tribal...did I miss anything? The melody is a slow afternoon bit of sunshine electric piano against a beat. Not much there though. Too Far- Groovy electronics sound sharp with glitch spread all over this thing. The laughing effect is nice and this may be the most melodic track here. Easily my favorite. Schizo Gliufd- Entropy. Electronic sounds that seem to be at war with each other. Very cyber intensive with a slow, plodding beat. It changes frequently and let's face it at 10 minutes it needs to. The melody and drum n bass bit at 2 minutes was pretty cool and it makes a return later in the track. Still, 10 minutes is a long time brother. It's like he got some new beat software and tried hard to work them all into one track. When & Then- Boom! That bass drum is thundrous! With plenty of glitchy effects and varied rhythms this is really interesting. Plenty of breakbeat madness. The middle of the track has me reaching for my microphone wanting to spit a few verses. But then I remember I can't rap and just listen. It's dirty and juicy with several turns. Not the first thing I would reach for, but it's nice to break away from the everyday. "Cruising down the street in my 64"...stop. Just...stop. Loads of different beats and glitchy sounds which make for a nice change of pace. One can't listen to the same stuff over and over, right? That being said, this is great for a few minutes and then I'm looking to see what's in the fridge. http://www.ektoplazm...crime-live-dead Mdk
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