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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Cyberdelica Vol. 2 Label: Trancelucent Productions Date: May, 2007 1. Visual Paradox Vs. System Nipel - Cyberdelica 2. Sesto Sento - Matzo-Brei 3. Krunch - Food 4. Cosmic Tone Vs. Noga - White Sensation 5. Bizzare Contact - The Beach (System Nipel Remix) 6. Insomnia - Light of Shady 7. System Nipel - Flash Dance 8. D.N.A. - New Age (Injection Remix) 9. Tactic Mind Vs. Silent Hill - Mind Tones "I don't want to go outside, there are things that can kill you!" Holy monkey balls this is some cream puff full-on. This cd should come with a pair of hot pants and glow sticks. At the very least a huge cracker to handle all the cheese. This is super euphoric happy trancey confection with the depth and gravitas of a puddle. Isn't psytrance supposed to be...I dunno, psychedelic? Far from an elitist or a music snob, I do believe that if you're caught blasting this in your car it may be grounds for a beating. I think listening to this caused me some actual discomfort. Please I was full on face palming and asking, "Why the hell did I buy this?" The definition of sugar infused candy corn happy trance and why full-on has the reputation it does. Even though I liked The Beach remix, I think my computer gave me a virus out of spite. Beatspace
  2. Artist: Various Title: Cold Conclusion: Tales of the Freeze Delirium Label: MMD Records Date: May, 2007 1. EMP Vs. Hiyarant - Binary 2. Frozen Ghost - Frost Friction 3. Hiyarant - Makeshift 4. Frozen Ghost - Fridget Midget 5. Lost & Found - Integration 6. Rubix Qube - Qubinomix 7. Xatrik - Icey 8. Lost & Found Vs. Frozen Ghost - Sin Stereo 9. Zion Linguist - Game Over 10. Smugg Juggler - Heathen Race "You smell that? It's freedom." Nope. Just farted. Taco Bell you know. MMD Records is another label from South Africa with a pretty good track record. The list of artists has me salivating like Josh Duggar at a family reunion. Shall we begin? Binary- Original working title before the editors got wind of it. When you're staring up at average it's a sad state of affairs. What a letdown considering the past work from both of these projects. Couldn't find a more annoying lead sound? This isn't tripping over the first hurdle it's breaking an ankle getting of the toilet in the locker room. Frost Friction- Thank you Mr. Ghost for getting us back on the good foot. This was eerie and bouncy at the same time. Makeshift- Ah f*ck here we go again. Way too many stops and starts without building any momentum. Like driving to work. In first gear. Fridget Midget- At this point I'm almost ready to start the breakage, but as usual Barry to the rescue. Not that one. This is the eminently danceable Frozen Ghost I love. A massively dark sound that will keep you moving. As far as I'm concerned this was the beginning of the comp for me. After Barry Lost & Found, Rubix Qube, and Xatrik set things right with some acid ridden laser stormers that will get the pulse up. Then pairing Lost & Found with Frozen Ghost takes that to f*cking eleven. Game Over has some good swagger (that bass is rumbly tumbly) and a cool Aliens sample, but it's a drop off from the previous five tracks. Ex-metal heads Smugg Juggler close with a dark and powerful brooding track and ends things with a bang. So what began as a eye rolling migraine in training, became some night time psy awesomeness. Definitely recommended if you're a fan of the South African sound. Psyshop Beatspace
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