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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Astronot Label: Goalogique Records Date: September, 2013 1. Minomar - Dancing Universe 2. Trinodia - Top Secret (Mix 2013) 3. Carbon - Dandelion Fx 4. Somnesia - In Search of Our Origin (Live Mix) 5. Jennis - Hollow Grams 6. Visual Brain - I Have a Riddle To Solve 7. Laboratory X - Light and Dark 8. OGO - Goastronaut I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is the artwork for the 2nd compilation from Goalogique is a little better than the horrendous effort of their debut Up To Next Step. Bad news? Pictures don't talk. And I don't mean in a "that painting really speaks to me" kinda way. Yes pictures speak volumes in their own language, but they sound pretty damn quiet in my headphones. This compilation is either a step backwards or a kid learning to drive by grinding the gears of Dad's Subaru. Whatever you call it, it ain't going forward. Hold this up to other goa trance compilations and that game will be over very quickly. There were good moments in some tracks, but they either didn't last very long or were replaced by some weaker content. Power and lush atmosphere are absent from the tracks as they sound rather amateurish. Even Trinodia and Somnesia (who was on the first compilation) can't save this although they had the best tracks. There is no depth, no stories being told, and ultimately no reason for me to care about most of these tracks. When money is tight you've gotta pick your purchases carefully. And this CD doesn't make me want to spend $12.50 at Psyshop before shipping. Sorry, but strike two Goalogique. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Cosmic Guide Label: Goalogique Records & Ezel-Ebed Records Date: December, 2013 01. Guide's intro - Burak Mal├žok - Didgerdo & Ney 02. Travma - Son Nefes 03. Imba vs K.U.R.O. - Uchu-Jin Deaimasu 04. Somnesia - Pyrotechnical Project 05. Shidartha - Tetalidrocanabinol 06. Ephedra & Goarama - Spiritual Sunday 07. Mindsphere - Chosen One 08. Astrancer - Hercolubus 09. Ogo - Kobejada 10. GoaTree - Goaliens "Since I was a child I've seen some very strange things in the sky..." "It's still good, it's still good!" When a friend tells you that he struck out with the head cheerleader it means two things. One, there will be no awkward fondling in the back seat of mom's minivan and two your friend has no game. Strikes are bad. Garbage man goes on strike and you're knee deep in banana peels and disposable diapers. I suppose a strike in bowling is good, but then again you're a bowler so you've obviously failed at all the sports that actually matter. Having reviewed this label's previous two releases I was less than impressed and gave them two strikes. One more and they'll be having lunch at the chess club table. The powers that be have clearly consulted the Cosmic Guide for answers because this is the best thing to come out of Goalogique Records since...well, ever. You can debate the cover art quality (no you can't even though this was clearly their best effort), but the music is head an shoulders above Up to Next Step and Astronot. Now they joined forces with Turkish label Ezel-Ebed Records so at the very least those guys deserve an assist. The Goalogique sound is characterized by an amateurish, raw feel and some of that is still here. But nothing like the previous compilations. You have good tracks like Son Nefes, Tetalidrocanabinol, Hercolubus and Chosen One. It's a very good compilation, but it still doesn't tell me if Goalogique has turned a corner or just relied on Ezel-Ebed to do the heavy lifting. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Up To Next Step Label: Goalogique Records Date: July, 2013 1. Goa Psy Cry MINOMAR 2. Buddham Mantra PHANT OM X 3. The Prayer PURE ENERGY 4. Strange Happenings ANCIENT ALIEN 5. Lunar Voyages I SOMNESIA 6. Awaiking Fairies CACTUS ARISING 7. Space Haze JAGOA 8. Only Psychopaht Would EVELYN 9. Dragons Breath METAMORPHOSIS 10. Jupiter CARBON It's good to be a goa trance fan these days. The established labels like Suntrip and DAT Records keep throwing out quality music to temporarily satiate our voracious appetite, but unlike the early days of the resurgence there seem to be more releases than we can keep track of. UAF and Neogoa have been holding down the digital fort and now we have the very prolific Timewarp Records. Sita and Cronomi keep it real with Dimensional a Ezel-Ebed pitching in every now and then. Add to mix Zion604 and Anjuna and we now have an old school flavor. Yep, good to be a goa fan. Bad to be a wallet. May I now introduce to you the newest label to throw their hat into the ring, Goalogique Records. A Belgian label run by a chap named Bora Bilgin they opened up shop in 2012 with this compilation. The first thing that will jump out at you is the horrible artwork. Since this is their first foray into the market you gotta cut them a little slack. Gotta crawl before you can walk. Next thing is the lack of recognizable artists. I've heard of Somnesia of course, but none of the others. This is of course not a negative by any stretch of the imagination. How many times have the well known projects just mailed it in? I love goa trance like a lot of you. The more I can get the better. So it's with open arms I welcome Bora and his label to the show. But this sounds like a debut compilation. The sound quality is fine, but it seems like the artists are trying to find their way. The compositions lack complexity and depth. Somnesia is again the exception, but he's hardly a newbie. It's not a great compilation, but neither is it terrible. Average would be fair. I think the tracks needed more development and that comes with practice. I liken it to a rookie who gets his first shot in the NHL. The potential is there, but he has to improve his game otherwise it's bye bye chartered jet plane and hello 10 hour bus ride. I will still buy it because I'm a collector and I want to support the scene, but there are way better goa trance albums out there. Let's see what they can do with the next compilation. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  4. V.A. Astronot (Goalogique Records) AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.beatspace.com/7620/Goalogique+Records/Various/Astronot/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/gol/gol1cd002.html Goalogique Records deliver us a quality release with his second compilation called Astronot, this album will take you to a long journey in space and each track will be another destination. This time Goalogique Records wanted to make you discover the differents sounds of trance, get ready to feel the energy with Astronot album. Track by track the sound will be stronger and step by step you will transport to the deep space haze. In that album message comes to us from space. Tracklist: 1) MINOMAR - Dancing Universe 2) TRINODIA - Top Secret (2013 mix) 3) CARBON - Dandelion Fx 4) SOMNESIA - In Search Of Our Origin (live mix) 5) JENNIS - Hollow Grams 6) VISUAL BRAIN - I have Riddle To Solve 7) LABORATORY X - Light and Dark 8) OGO - GOAstronaut
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