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Found 2 results

  1. 28 August 2020 (Friday) and 29 August 2020 (saturday) Will mark our 11 years anniversary of our operating on the stage as Be Psychedelic. During the years, we were able to invite many wonderful guests - we hope that you will remember the events with their participation for a long time and that this one will be no different even though we will meet in a smaller group and with a limited DJ line-up. 200 people will be able to stay in the club at the same time. 28.08.2020, Friday, we will party with psychedelic trance music. Especially for you, we will have DJs from our team and an invited guest will play the intro. 2200-2330 Rita Raga LIVE! 2330-0100 Kaktus- Be Psychedelic 0100-0230 Vis Maior (aka Remo Klein) - Be Psychedelic 0230-0430 Tuszi Tushe - Be Psychedelic 0430-0600 DACLEE - Be Psychedelic On Saturday, 29.08.2020, we invite you to party with widely understood house and techno music, where two girls will play techno and two men will play house for you. 2200-0000 DACLEE - Be Psychedelic 0000-0200 Ceri - EGOISTIK 0200-0400 Soyalee - Be Psychedelic 0400-0600 DYGA Decor: Be Psychedelic (debut of our decorations - first time in the club!). Admission (for 1 day) - Friday or Saturday: PLN 20 before midnight PLN 30 after midnight We hope that the admission price is very attractive for you, because we are most happy when you visit us. We also hope that we will all see each other and that we will celebrate our 11th birthday together! Patrons: Psylicious Apteka Lost Rave Community Psytrance.pl Trojmiasto.pl Radiospacja We invite you to celebrate with us! Thank you for your support over the years! We hope that despite the years passing you know that we are still trying our best. Well, no further excuses now, see you! Be Nice - Be Happy - Be Psychedelic! We party safe: - hand disinfection is obligatory at the entrance to the club and when using the toilets - people with symptoms of an illness will not be allowed into the club - please keep a safe distance The Bunker Club is 5 floors of culture and entertainment, 2 bars, 2 concert and party halls, a gallery with the possibility of purchasing exhibited works, and a pub, where philosophical disputes are accompanied by tasty food for the body. BUNKER - YOU JUST HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS! Event at FB: CLICK HERE - BE PSYCHEDELIC 11TH BIRTHDAY
  2. Polish Psy party organizers 'Be Psychedelic' invite you to their next party in G'dansk featuring the legendary Swedish live act Carbon Based Lifeforms Live! Your audio indulgence will be satisfied with live artists and DJ's from Germany, UK and Poland, complete with laser shows by Magic and visual stimulating Décor by Shoom! Main Floor: Goa..Psychedelic..Fullon..Progressive..Trance.. Asphodel Intro (PL) CrovaX (Nachtwache - DE) LIVE! Clare (MessMedia / Geomagnetic Recs - UK) Clare's energy is certainly amplified through the music she lays down! A veteran of the UK psychedelic scene as well as being behind the MessMedia parties and a label DJ for Doctor Spooks label Geomagnetic, Clare continues to entrance and ignite trance floors around the World! https://www.facebook.com/MessMediaCea KiBa (F.A.M Recs - DE) KiBa's continuous dedication for the music and her ongoing success lead her to the realms of F.A.M. Records, a German based Psy Trance label and sublabel of B.A.M. Records, both founded in 2011. Her sound can be described as a rough, stompin', intense and as well melodic mixture of Twilight and Full On which is perfectly mirrored in her own character: full power! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Djane-KiBa EarthAngel (Psylicious - UK) EarthAngel , a veteran of the UK's dance music scene and the founder & face behind Psylicious has always had a passion for quality electronic music and psychedelia. EarthAngel executes a non pigeon holed underground full on killer sound, taking the trance floor into a full on psychedelic experience.... http://www.facebook.com/djearthangel http://www.facebook.com/psylicious 100% Chillout: Chilled out psychedelic beats...... Carbon Based Lifeforms [ultimae Records - SE] LIVE! Carbon Based Lifeforms (CBL) are Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad (né Ringström), both born in 1976 and based in Göteborg, south-west Sweden. They met at the tender age of 15 and are still, amazingly, working happily together, almost 20 years later. CBL itself was formed in 1996, as an offshoot from other projects, but soon became their focal point, culminating in their first release on 'mp3.com' in 1998. http://www.carbonbasedlifeforms.net DHUNA (Higher Taste Project PL/UK) LIVE! DHUNA is a three-piece band originating from Poland and now based in London, UK. Their music is a blend of psychedelic, electronic chill, fused with the ethnic vocals of Rena Biring 'Psibindi' and tribal percussion sounds from Dariusz Zaczkowski 'Dziki'. DHUNA set the psychedelic world alight with their deep, spiritual electronic music and will take you on an alluring journey, through a myriad of hypnotic rhythms, groove percussions and soothing vocals for your ears giving you a higher taste of consciousness. http://www.dhuna.pl Z-Pio (Bateria Rec - PL) LIVE! Asphodel (PL) Kjub (Medulla Oblongata - PL) Soyalee (Public Shout - PL) Décor by Shoom https://www.facebook.com/YagaGathering VJS by Divika Z 0x43 Laser show by Magic Time 9:00pm until 6:00am in UTC+02 Venue AK PG Kwadratowa 54.370752,18.615215 Gdańsk Wrzeszcz Siedlicka 4 street Entry fee 30 PLN presale 40 PLN with flyer 50 PLN on gates! Organiser Be Psychedelic http://www.facebook.com/bepsychedelic +48 506 36 66 26 Draq_on@interia.pl Facebook event page with translation (PL & UK ) http://www.facebook.com/events/393222140762308/
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