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Found 9 results

  1. Master Margherita Afro Dots Blue Hour Sounds Tracklist: 1. Master Margherita & The Positronics - Frogs Dub 2. Master Margherita & The Positronics - Gaia Dub (Protogenos Mix) 3. [De]composer - Etude Simple II "Aleksej" (Master Margherita Remix) 4. Kliment - 3db (Master Margherita Remix) 5. Master Margherita - Sync Mode (Midi Mix) 6. Master Margherita - Strobe 7. Master Margherita, Mr Pink, Elvis Lobo - Bump Ride (Blue Hour Mix) 8. Master Margherita - For Aldo (Hanfstengel Remix) 9. Master Margherita & Ermetico - Freude 10. Master Margherita & Ermetico - Sei Otto (Original
  2. Dear All! My new video is ready - a short journey to the Middle-East. Enjoy the Colours of the Souk!
  3. Jagoa Solar Journey Ae Records & Neogoa Tracklist: 1. Solar Journey 2. Freedom 3. The Sky Is Crying 4. Searching For The Light Finally! After the lovely psychedelic down tempo offerings of Neogoa's past releases Turlitava and, especially, Spiritual Doping, the ambitious and impressive organizational skills of the one called Richpa launches Ae Records. Not sure what Ae stands for, but the birth of the down tempo-focused sub-label is off to a decent beginning. Here, Richpa's lovely alternative existence away from goa, his wonderful taste in chill, gives the debut of Bel
  4. Tentura Beyond Illusion Sentimony Records Tracklist: 1. Alchemy 2. Interstellar 3. Liftoff 4. Beginning Of Time 5. Echoes 6. Vivid 7. Rising 8. Presence of the Sence 9. Resonance (Remake) 10. Resident (vs. Specialmind) An excellent and hypnotic down tempo album that offers up an epic 83-minute run time and two beautiful compositions that break the 10-minute mark. To get the negatives out of the way quickly, I'm not a fan of the guitars used in "Interstellar" (similar in sound to Ajja & Cosmosis' "The Alien Jams"), the hearty energy of the "Resident" conclusion (made
  5. Desert Dwellers The Great Mystery Black Swan Sounds Tracklist: 1. Warm Desert Sands 2. The Great Mystery 3. Crossing Beyond (ReVisioned) 4. View From Laniakea 5. Our Dream World 6. The Elephant's March 7. Walking Between 8. The Sacrament (ReVisioned) 9. I Dropped It 10. Bird Over Sand Dunes 11. Wings Of Waves 12. Give Thanks Now I'm not sure what past Desert Dwellers album I had heard but it was a while back that I had written this duo off as being too chill, too meditative for my tastes. Even a little too New Age, too floaty, too hippie, not enough groove, not enough edg
  6. Blue Lunar Monkey All One Altar Records Tracklist: 1. Omkara 2. One Love 3. Metilbufotenina 4. The Unknown 5. Interstellar Travel 6. Dream Wonderland 7. Union If you've enjoyed anything from this Mexican producer's previous three full-length down tempo albums then you'll be sure to find much to appreciate on "All One." At his very best (which he offers up quite often), Blue Lunar Monkey is pure magic. And at his least, his tunes are good without ever sounding like filler. In short, this is a very solid outing for the veteran. Of course, there are many out there who need to
  7. Mindex Intergalactic Kung Fusion Merkaba Music Tracklist: 1. Deep Forest 2. In Search Of Truth (Re-mindeX) 3. Beauty and the Beast 4. Alien Shaman 5. Sphinx (Re-mindeX) 6. Inner Flame So glitchy, so bass driven yet so chill and smooth and impeccably gorgeous. In short, awesome psychedelic bass music. The opener "Deep Forest" is the best of these six delivering speaker-shaking bass lines with deliciously interspersed samples ripe with enrapturing chants, soothing harpsichord melodies and soaring female vocals. It is the most complete and fully realized of this bunch but I wo
  8. ::: SUMMER : Compiled by DJ Zen ::: The new psychill compilation from Altar Records out now! .::PRESS RELEASE::. Altar Records is ready to release "Summer"! With the "Spring" album last year, this compilation continues with as promised, one compilation release every year in celebration of the seasons. Dj Zen, head of Altar Records, asked 9 exclusive Altar Records artist's to take up their sounds and build a track with raw beauty, inspiration and the scents of summer in mind. These 9 tracks are solid in telling their
  9. "Unity" the new album by SUDUAYA http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/unity http://www.altar-records.com/unity.html http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_45.html A not-to-be-missed down-tempo album by Suduaya, entitled "Unity" coming up this fall 2013 on Altar Records ... ... . Louis-David has been touring the world with his guitar since 2010 playing live sets of top-class progressive and ambient music. His music encourages people to gather onto the dance floor, enjoying an open earth experience and a deep communion all together with nature. Enjoy! http://www.altar-records.com http://
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