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Found 4 results

  1. Out Now! Cactus Arising - Analog Dreams (timewarp055 - Timewarp) Beatport: bit.ly/2r5ELBB Psyshop: bit.ly/2rqHUuq Beatspace: bit.ly/2susIfa 1 - Cactus Arising - Analog Pots 2 - Cactus Arising - Dark Dreams 3 - Cactus Arising - Dirt Craziness 4 - InnerZone - Time & Space (Cactus Arising Remix) Cactus Arising is presenting his third EP “Analog Dreams” with four tracks of GOA Trance. All the tracks have been produced with analog gear, and new studio acoustics. All those efforts through the years resulted in a clear and dance floor oriented sound. Fourth track is a remix of fellow Timewarp artist friend Rei Albahari aka “InnerZone” the track was began during Cactus Arising's visit in Israel. I want to thanks Timewarp Records and Renato Brnić aka “Nova Fractal” for the trust in Cactus Arising project all these years. Also a big thanks to Ross DuBois for the incredible cover art. And finally a big thanks to my friend George Deligiannis 'Cydelix' for the brilliant mastering of the ep. Also thanks to Chrysa & my friends for being patient in all those years of listening to my tracks and suggesting improvements. Next will be a special collaborations EP with friends & family from Timewarp Records. We hope you like the “Analog Dreams” EP, & see you at the dance floor. https://soundcloud.com/timewarp-records https://www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec https://twitter.com/TimewarpRec https://soundcloud.com/geomagnetic/sets/timewarp055
  2. Omnivox Silent Sweeper TimeWarp Records Tracklist: 1. Silent Sweeper (Original Mix) 2. Silent Sweeper (Nova Fractal Remix) 3. Silent Sweeper (JIS Remix) 4. Silent Sweeper (Lectro Spektral Daze Remix) 5. Silent Sweeper (Cactus Arising Remix) 6. Silent Sweeper (Hypnotic Aboriginal Experience) "Some things just become real for an unknown reason. Most of the time I am a bit surprised about how my tracks get into existence, and at those moments I feel like I am just a medium through which that music just begins to exist, without me thinking or doing much about it." - Omnivox What Omnivox (Tomislav Crncic) is referring to is the essence of being a true artist. It comes from actual performance of one's music, being truly imaginative and open to the muse of one's ideas and imaginations, not being a slave to preset computer programming in delivering his brand of goa. What Omnivox is saying is that he is merely the vessel. The above statement has been said by countless artists and musicians across the entire span of human history, from Victorian age painters to every passionate form of modern musicianship, from being a sculptor to being a punk rock vocalist. It is the truest determination out there of separating the slave-for-their-art types from the pretenders. Omnivox, then, is an artist. On Silent Sweeper, the artist offers up two excellent tracks, different versions of the same vision, mind you, but two tracks, nonetheless. Both markedly different from one another even while they share the same title. The "Original Mix" delivers trademark Omnivox frequencies layered with heavy, pleasing grooves, patiently moving tempos and some inspired and excellent keyboard squelch and melodies. In all, a goldmine of a track. Perhaps it is only outdone by the "Hypnotic Aboriginal Experience" because that version is an absolute surprise of splendid imagination and a truly excellent delivery of its ideas. "I had it in my mind for quite some time, and since I have a long-time friend who makes and sells didgeridoos, and plays them in his ethnic band ... it was just a natural flow of things to get him involved," Omnivox said. " Seven or eight years ago I was playing a couple of DJ sets with classic retro tracks along with my other friends on didgeridoos and I thought it sounded great, it added another layer of mystical atmosphere. This was just the same story, but taken to another level. That was my idea to slow the original version quite a bit and to add a didgeridoo layer to it." This down tempo version of "Silent Sweeper" is fantastic! The "Hypnotic Aboriginal Experience" is a slow-moving, deeply atmospheric, hard-grooving and, very much so, hypnotic rendition. Of the remixes, each remixer is instantly recognizable for their own distinct styles though two do not stray much from the structural basis of the original while two completely rework it and claim it for their own. Long time fans will immediately recognize the frequencies of Nova Fractal as he gets loud, in-your-face and bombastic on his version, a bit of an energy blast that the original withholds. A good version especially if you come to the EP looking for a dancefloor bomb. The JIS remix gets better over time, perhaps not as impressive to look at it on its first go, perhaps because it plays after the Nova Fractal bomb and gets followed-up with an LSD gem. However, the JIS version is groovy, bouncy, delightful fun. Lectro Spektral Daze and Cactus Arising may as well have been the original producers of "Silent Sweeper" with how impressive their versions are, with how much altering they accomplish from the original, with how nearly unrecognizable their takes become. LSD is always pretty impressive and here is a another fine example of those production skills. Where Nova Fractal, JIS and Omnivox are quite up-front in their sounds, full-bodied and loud for an in-your-face feel, LSD takes a step back, gives the sound a bit of a diluted quality, makes "Silent Sweeper" sound as if it is a space odyssey. This version is a gem. As is the Cactus Arising take. Whereas everything else on the EP is new school with old-school influences, Cactus Arising brings the old-school flavors in abundance, grooving, bouncing and rocking ever-so nicely through eight-minutes of lovely vintage goa. Everything about this one is pleasing and fantastic. Omnivox is the vessel from which some fine art comes forth. Silent Sweeper is a great EP because of it. And along the way, Omnivox, the artist, is joined by four fantastic, like-minded painters of sound that vessel some exceptional art of their own. Psyshop
  3. 1. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer (Cactus Arising rmx) 2. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala (Cactus Arising rmx) 3. InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (Cactus Arising rmx) 4. Spectrum - Medi Terrano (Cactus Arising rmx) After some time of producing, Cactus Arising is presenting his second EP with four remixes of GOA Trance producers which are all friends & family. Most of the tracks are written with analog equipment. First of all Radical Distortion – The Dreamer all the synth lines and all the track is written by analog synths, accompinied with some VA synths. My main goal was to reproduce the original atmosphere of the track. I want to thank both Nick & John for this opportunity to remix one of their tracks, and for my taste one of their best. Thank also Nick Polytarides for all the help provided in the modular synthesizers. Next is coming the remix to Fiery Dawn – Mahakala which is the last from the mix of the analogue equipment and the usage of VST together. This remix was the first that i have tried some new analogue synths and you can hear it as acid lines in the mix. Innerzone & Soectrum remixes was the starting of the new music area which is mainly by analogue synths, and some samples for the drums. Spectrum remix is one of my favourite track to close my live set. It is full of energy and the melodies written by John are brilliant. I want to thanks a lot all of the above artists for trusting me doing remix of their tracks. Also i want to thanks Timewarp and Nova Fractal for the opportunity to release those tracks. And finally in the thans area is my friend George Deligiannis 'Cydelix' for the breliant mastering of the ep. Also i want to thanks Chrysa & my friends for being patient in all those years of listening my tracks and make improvements. Next stop will be a second album with a lot of different sound than the first one. More GOA old school oriented. I hope you like the remixes, & see you at the dancefloor friends. COMING SOON! Preview
  4. Cactus Arising: Star Storm Catalog: TIMEWARP028 1. Sand Inspiration 2. D.I.Y. 3. Night Fractals 4. Star Storm 5. Opposite Spinning 6. Between Our Galaxy 7. Transfer at the Speed of Light 8. Moon + Sun 9. Nova Fractal - Connect (Cactus Arising rmx) Timewarp is very proud to present full length digital album from "Cactus Arising", Goa trance project from Greece.Members are Steve Tzokas & Mike Loizos, very talented producers with superb skill how fusion of goa and psy trance can be deadly storm on dance floor.They are new in Goa scene but they already made mark and they have full support from many TOP goa DJs and artists like Nova Fractal, Siam, Radical Distortion, Omnivox and many more. Their main old-school influences are Crop Circles, MFG, Miranda, Chi Ad, Transwave, Pleiadians, Dimension 5, Blue planet Corporation, Man with No Name, Astral Projection . If you prefer more night style of goa, but driving melodies then this is your release! BEATPORT / PSYSHOP FACEBOOK
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