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  1. Hello dear forum followers, I am pleased to announce the fourh release of DAT Records: Etnica - Live in Athens 1996 - 2CD Etnica need no introduction: they have been storming the dance floors all over the world for two decades now. Innovators since the very beginning, they inspired many producers and are considered to be leaders and among the best artists ever in the Goa Trance realm. The release of this live set is something that was very much needed, to signal to the world how epic a live performance can be. On that night of the 12th of October 1996, magic was created, a wonderful set was recorded, and it is now ready to be broadcast to the world. As a bonus track for the first disc, we have the magnificent Time Dilation, in a beautiful Morning Mix courtesy of Etnica, that will surely deliver a smile on your face for its eternal beauty. The second CD features a selection by Draeke of Etnica’s best unreleased productions, spanning 1995 to 1998, their golden years. Prepared to be teleported into another era, where analogue synths were kings and where the group used samples wisely to weave stories into fantastic multi-layered tracks. All in all this album is a must-have, a historical document from an era where digital production was still unknown and where the music was created in its purest form. The tracks have undergone significant re-mastering and restoration, as the DAT tapes where the music was kept were not in the best condition, so they are now available in the best possible sound. So sit back and enjoy Etnica’s timeless melodies. All the classics of the band are included in this release - you have no excuse to not like this opus. Have a safe ride! Disk 1 - Live in Athens 1996 1 Etnica – Intro 2 Etnica – Plastic 3 Etnica – Floating Universe 4 Blue Planet Corporation – Antidote (Etnica Remix) 5 Etnica – Nice Toys 6 Etnica – Vimana 7 Crop Circles – Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix) Bonus Track: 8 Pleiadians - Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix) Disk 2 - Best Of Unreleased 1 Etnica - Mankind 2 Etnica - Electric Shower 3 Etnica - Rotating Fields 4 Etnica - Fluorophilia Camps Bay 5 Etnica - Blinded Moon 6 Pleiadians - Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix) 7 Etnica - Mental Puzzle 8 Etnica - Phthalic Vibes Compiled & Selected By: Draeke Artwork By: Totemical & Mars Mastered By: Analog Dimension Special Audio Restoration of "Mental Puzzle" By: SeeWhyAudio Distribution By: Arabesque Digital Distribution By: Record Union Release Date: 7 December 2012 Audio Samples Online! Draeke
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlGSCuw4AQU
  3. Hi, we have just finished our first Album after several years of music making. It is melodic, multilayered and inspired by newschool and oldschool tracks. Best for concentrated listening! you can listen to and download it at http://www.soundclou...rphologic-tales We are also on Facebook (Page will be improved in the next days ) https://www.facebook.com/Schallusion It is released under Creative Commons License (Non-Commercial, Share Alike) Feel free to criticise or just have fun listening! Would be nive to hear from you. Schallusion (Till Eulenspiegel and Entheogen)    
  4. Faxi Nadu - The Last Kick of your Life Artist: Faxi Nadu Label: Postunder Records Title: The Last Kick of your Life Genre: Psytrance Date: October 15 2011 Format: Digipack CD / Sleeve CD / WAV / 320mp3 Length: 68:31 Tracklist: faxi nadu - welcome to faxi nadu 0:18 000bpm faxi nadu - after people 8:22 130bpm faxi nadu - the deep 7:03 140bpm faxi nadu - arrange my mind 7:02 144bpm faxi nadu - blackout 0:39 000bpm faxi nadu - sands of fantasy 6:30 145bpm faxi nadu - missing puzzle 6:41 148bpm faxi nadu - strange beyond 1:12 000bpm faxi nadu - space opera 7:36 140bpm faxi nadu - temporal control 6:56 145bpm overdream - ultramarine faxi nadu remix 7:36 148bpm faxi nadu - the last kick of your life 8:29 100bpm All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar at http://www.faxinadu.net Track 11 original by Maxim and Olga Kurushyn http://www.myspace.com/kurushyn Mastering by Kevin Metcalf @ eMasters UK http://emasters.co.uk Album graphics by Ran Kramer -------------------------- The Last Kick of your Life is an album of the imagination. Mysterious and enchanting, through tunnels of space, time and the deep mind. Intricetly layered collages of sound woven intro theatrical fabrics of harmony. Grungy and analog with a glitchy digital heartbeat, this is Faxi Nadu's unique version of a psytrance musical. -------------------------- Buy it here (Digipack CD): http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8917 http://faxinadu.blogspot.com/p/last-kick-of-your-life.html Free Download (WAV/FLAC/MP3) here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/faxi-nadu-the-last-kick-of-your-life Extra stuff: Mixed album DJ set: http://postunder.net/star/faxi_nadu_-_tlkoyl_release_dj_set_191011.mp3 YouTube playlist: Album on Soundcloud:
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