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Found 3 results

  1. this is it. the conquest. the healing of the review death. be part of a competition about words, about myths and about inspiration. fight against the commerce, the standard, the comfort, and prevent the death of our culture. revive the mission to explore psychedelic trance music, break your limits and share your thoughts. find your innerself and speak to him, or her, and tell us what u've found. but: there is the guide! the MUSIC. take your weekly dose and listen... this is for the reviews. the rules. if you don't have an account here on psynews, follow the site's instructions to create one. you can't participate without. choose ONE of the following titles. if someone chose the same before take another one. ace ventura paradise engineering (iboga) aegolius moments of wonder (medulla oblongata) arjuna primal contact (parvati) eat static - dead planet (mesmobeat) psychowave - dancefloor metadata (boom!) psykovsky ksointsu (self) spacey koala twistedelik funky activating grooves (kinematic) va forest thunder (bhooteshwara) va internationalism vol.3 (spiral trax) va krafted friends (organic alchemy) va the brave and the bold (osom) u-recken - flames of equilibrium (dacru) yeah, you're right, no goa inside. you won't find here. everything about goatrance is already written. take a browse through the review sections. now, listen at least once a week to the complete album/compilation. it's recommended to listen even more, it will help you to structure your feelings toward the music. if you don't like what you hear it's recommended to listen alot more. sometimes you have to listen sth very very often to appreciate. people call this a grower. if you want to quit, quit. and tell us. someone else will take your album. btw, you don't have to support the artists and buy their music. you will find every track either on bandcamp, youtube, stuff like that. but, and this is a gentleman's agreement here, depending on how much you like your chosen title, you promise to buy the album afterwards. then, in 3 weeks, it's review time! suddenly, the threads will appear. in the review section. your album. everything will be ready. title, artist, album, cover, tracklists. but without an opinion. this is your mission. you have one week to post your review, somehow according to the forum's rules. if you want to piss on sth, do it. it's your right. it's your review. if you want to spread some love or laughter, do it. it's your words. when you liked what you've experienced, take the next free title from the list and repeat the procedure. if your words won't appear, it is written in stone that you failed becoming an allright soldier of the psy. and shame will fall upon u... if we manage to complete the list the next six weeks, we will count. everyone gets one point for every review he or she has written. then, we can enter round 2... don't be shy, be honest, be curious, be brave, be a soldier... a soldier against the review's death.
  2. Greetings friends, I hope this finds you well! After a small break for a little travel & general life shenanigans I am pleased to return with the latest edition in the Dreamtime Diaries psychedelic chill series. This one starts a little dark & creeps slowly yet surely towards the place where we need to be. The message is about perseverance, & making things happen regardless of what our goals are. Just keep turning up, put the hours intruly get stuck in & have fun playing with options...sooner or later the desired results will manifest. Enjoy the journey, & as always big thanks to all the artists for their wonderful music! Forever in your debt! 1. Dead Melodies - Superficial Stasis 2. Kaj. - Human 3. Owen Ear - Expectation 4. Nibana - Far Eden 5. Easily Embarrassed - Nothing But Spirit 6. Soulacybin - The Activation Part 2 (Sequencing Complete) ft. Alaya Love 7. Tanina Munchkina & Ajja - Equinox 8. Sk P - Eye Earth Part 2 9. Whithe X & Introvert - Alone 10. Indigolab - Medicine 11. Man of No Ego - Galactic Girl 12. Tripswitch - Deer Park (Joey Fehrenbach remix) PS: Remember sharing is caring!
  3. I once asked an old fellow to tell what images does his favorite music create or evoke in his mind. He answered that when he listens to epic or extreme metal his mind projects images of forests, untrodden places in fog and other special places that inspire power like castles, mountains etc.. Does your favourite music inspire to you images or visions? Maybe even a way to see or to seek yourself? Does this differ depending the music type you listen to? Does every music type has it's own kind of visualization or an agenda of concepts?
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