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Found 5 results

  1. Over 36 Hours of Psychedelic listening pleasure has been created by some of the most legendary pioneering names in the scene for this special occasion as we welcomed the Winter Solstice and to raise awareness and donations for The Myelin Project. Listen to the show: Listen to 50 Spins Around The Sun Here! Featuring the following Artists... Afgin (IL) Aphid Moon (UK) Braincell (CH) Chromatone (AU) DuM (FR/CA) Infernal Gift (GR/USA) ManMadeMan (UK) Mechanimal (UK) Mekkanikka (CH) Mutalisk (DK) N.A.S.A. (DK) Oden (FI) RIGEL (GR) Rita Raga (PL) SkyPirate (FR) Total Eclipse (FR/GR) Featuring the following DJs... Anoebis (BE) Auricle (AU) Collider (UK) Dryad (USA/PL) EarthAlien (UK) Florescence (UK) Goa Doc (USA) John Phantasm (UK) Kid Kosmik (GER) Lee AudioAddictz (UK) Ovnimoon (CL) DJ Sarana (FI) DJ Shakti (UK) Psibindi (UK) Psykia (IT) Psykinetic (UK) Tuszi Tushe (PL) The Myelin Project Website: https://www.myelinproject.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/myelin_project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myelinproject.co.uk
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/216953252373978 We are back for the last event of 2018 with another awesome psytrance line-up, psychedelic art and good vibes! ▓ PSYCHEDELIC JOURNEY II ▓ --- • LINE UP • --- ❂ Aphid Moon (Live) ( Aphid Records / Aphid Artists ) https://soundcloud.com/aphid-moon ❂ AudioAddictz (Live) ( AudioAddictz Records ) https://soundcloud.com/audioaddictz ❂ Dj Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe ( SUNRISE ) https://soundcloud.com/lorrainepsilocybetribe ❂ Freetech ( Crystal Kids ) https://soundcloud.com/ozzycetin/sets/freetech ❂ Lost Element ( Crystal Kids ) https://soundcloud.com/lostelement ❂ Andy McBain ( STRANGE DAZE ) https://www.mixcloud.com/andymcbain --- • DECOR • --- ✫ Crystal Kids --- • PERFORMERS • --- ✫ "imps" --- • STALLS • --- ✫ Psychedelic Dip ( UV Body Marblers ) ✫ Alma Body Art ( UV Face Painting ) ✫ Gaiasart ( UV Crystals ) ✫ The Tarot Thing ( Tarot ) ✫ Energetic Flow Massage ( Massage ) --- • TICKETS • --- ✫ Phase 1: £8+bf (Very Limited - Ends 31st Oct) ✫ Phase 2: £10+bf (Limited) ✫ At the door: £15 Pre-sale link: https://bit.ly/2MoCngH ✫ Last entry 4am ✫ Free entry for B-Day Girls & Boys! (Please show your photo ID for your free entry b-day gift) Organized by Crystal Kids www.crystal-kids.com https://facebook.com/crystalkidss https://instagram.com/crystalkidss https://twitter.com/CrystalKidss https://soundcloud.com/crystalkidss ♥ RESPECT, UNITY, PEACE & LOVE ♥ ★•••• B I O G R A P H I E S ••••★ ❂ APHID MOON ❂ Aphid Moon is the solo project of UK Psy-Trance producer & Dj Jules Hamer. He started the project in the mid nineties with the release on Interstella Rec. He cut his teeth promoting a small psychedelic night called 'Aphid Moon' and djing and performing live in various London squats, clubs and outdoor parties. In 2001 he had a breakthrough track with ‘A lot of Radio’ on Flying Rhino Records and it would be safe to say things really took off from that point. Since then he's had releases on virtually all the British psy-trance labels (Tip World, Twisted, Dragonfly, Alchemy, Atomic, Organic and Nano Records) as well a variety of foreign labels. His first album 'High Diver' was released on Dragonfly Records in 2003 a deep nighttime sound with a distinctly British psychedelic twist. His unique style has developing ever since playing DJ & live sets in Japan, Israel, S.A., Brazil, South and Central America, U.S.A., Europe and the U.K at Festivals, Clubs and Parties. He's a regular on Universo Parallelo, Vuuv and Glade Festival lineups. 2005 saw the birth of his new full-on incarnation with the release 'Global Culture' album on Anglo/South African label Nano Records. In 2007 he collaborated with producer Dick Trevor to produce the AMD's Album 'Big Fish' on Nano Records which has become a trance classic. He launched his own UK based label Aphid Records in 2008 with the debut digital ep AphidEp001. Over the past few years label has been steadily gathering pace with two more collaborative Ep's 'Star Brith' and 'Synthetic Life', 'Trancelantic' and a Digi Single 'Complex Retracement' as well as his third Album 'Super Collider'. This year he has a busy European festival season with spots at Blissful, Vuuv, Summer Never Ends, Ozora, Sonica and Arora . http://www.aphidmoon.com https://aphidmoon.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/aphidmoon http://www.aphidrecords.com ❂ AUDIOADDICTZ ❂ AudioAddictz is a father and son psychedelic trance live act from Manchester. Opening portals to other dimensions and letting in light beings.. http://audioaddictz.com https://leeaudioaddictz.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/audioaddictzlive ❂ LORRAINE ❂ Lorraine is a multi-faceted genre bashing one size fits all psychedelic disc spinner! A favourite at many parties up and down the country and branching out into some serious international festivals, Lorraine will be treating the crowd to her choice of whatever the hell she thinks is appropriate, be it chunky prog, enigmatic full-on or sizzling dark twisted wondertrance! Always a joy to behold and a treat to finally have Lorraine join us in our Wiltshire HQ! https://www.facebook.com/DJLorrainePsilocybeTribe ❂ FREETECH ❂ Ozzy Cetin aka Mysticism, Ramizes & Freetech was born in 1984 in Istanbul and discovered psy-trance at the age of 18 through the artists Kox Box, Cosmosis, Hallucinogen, Goa Gil, Astral Projection etc. Since then he has been gathering a psy-trance archive, which still continues. Whilst studying towards a BA, Ozzy organized various indoor parties and performed under the alias ‘Ramizes’ between 2004 – 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks. Since 2006 Ozzy has been involved in some of the most well respected international festivals such as Ozora (Hungary), Psy-Fi (Holland), Sonica (Italy), Earthcore (Australia), Free Earth (Greece), IllumiNaughty (UK). Within Turkey he performed at, and worked with many festival organisations including Tree of Life Festival, Mind Manifest Project, Neon Festival, Ayata Festival, Psy-Boutique Festival, Freaks in Love and Soulclipse Festival. He now dedicates himself to his Istanbul & Manchester based psy-trance events organizer community; CRYSTAL KIDS; to spread to word through the minds & souls which are ready to UNITE with RESPECT, PEACE & LOVE. Along with outdoor festivals, Ozzy performed over 200 gigs including indoor events since 2004 around the globe. Ozzy, as a resident DJ at Crystal Kids mixes; Psychill, Psybient, Chillgressive as MYSTICISM; Progressive, Dark Progressive, Fullon, Psytrance as RAMIZES and Twilight, Forest, Hitech styles as FREETECH. ALL FOR ONE ♥ https://www.facebook.com/freetech.ozzy ❂ LOST ELEMENT ❂ DJ and Producer since 2008, with a passion for psy-prog, morning and full on styles of psychedelic trance. Resident for Crystal Kids, and a regular at Sunrise, Tribal Sphere and Remedy. https://www.facebook.com/lostelement ❂ ANDY MCBAIN ❂ Andy McBain is a musician, producer and DJ from Lancaster, North West England. Coming from a background of classical, jazz and metal music he discovered electronic dance music through Goa Trance in his late teens and began DJing progressive and full-on Psytrance in 2014. Heavily influenced by the old school, expect sounds reminiscent of classic Goa melodies, euphoric moments and 303s. https://www.facebook.com/andymcbainmusic
  3. PAUL TAYLOR feat. SECTION 8 - "UNCHARTERED TERRITORY" 1) SECTION 8 VS APHID MOON - STEMCELL 2) PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON BANDERSNATCH - NUKLEALL RMX 3) PAUL TAYLOR- MUTHA BUFFA - SECTION 8 VS ENDEAVOUR RMX Ever since his rst album, released on Kundalini Records in 2008 (High Life).. Paul Taylor has developed a solid reputation for ground breaking releases over these last few years. Each of his 3 albums becoming known as game changers within the International Psy-Trance Scene, and dancefloor pleasers the whole world over. Never being one to lay on his laurels, in 2013 Paul created his Section 8 : project , and with it has coalesced his many years of DJing and producing into a well honed yet totally original, fresh new sound. "Section 8" consolidates all those many years of intrepid experimentation into one denative signature sound, a solid blueprint for much more stretching of the sonic envelope. The debut release of Section 8, Unchartered Territory features an insanely tribalistic collaboration with Aphid Moon, plus a Section 8 versus the brilliant Mexican producer Endeavour, remixing one of Paul's tracks from his Outpost E.P on Aphid Records last year. As a special bonus, a very rare and exclusive RMX by Nukleall, of yet another one of Paul's Tracks from an earlier Kundalini Release. Prepare for a full tilt, totally obese rhythmic safari into the wilder and newer frontiers of Psychedelic Techno.... Hear Tracks : Ignite Your Dance Floor Kundalini Records UK Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/kundalinirecordsuk/ Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/kundalinirecords Twitter: twitter.com/Kundalini001 Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/KundaliniRecordsUK Beatport: www.beatport.com/label/kundalini-records/13448 Kundalini Records UK : www.kundalinirecords.co.uk Kundalini Records : Steven@kundalinirecords.co.uk Paul Taylor on Facebook: https://soundcloud.com/paultaylor Paul Taylor Section 8 on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/section-8-3
  4. Hey, I found a somewhat older set that I recorded 2.5 years ago. There are some Full on Psychedelic gems inside Style is Morning Full On Psytrance Enjoy!! And please leave some feedback https://soundcloud.com/sibren/sibren-vegter-cloudy Tracklist: 1. M-Theory & Ital - Mano 2. Sonic Species - Infinity 3. Burn in Noise - Last Window 4. Zen Mechanics Vs. M-Theory -Ultrasonic 5. Sonic Species - Drums at Dawn 6. Man Machine - Outfilled 7. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra 8. Hyperion - Light Reflex 9. Cosmosis - Self Discovery 10. Ital - Healing Zone 11. Aphid Moon & The First Stone - Star Birth 12. Double Collision - Steak and Potatoes 13. Dickster & Burn in Noise - Tumbleweed 14. Flip Flop - Sonic Air 15. Flip Flop & Burn in Noise - A Besta 16. Chameleon Vs Temporal Coding - Tachyon Generator 17. Zen Mechanics & Headroom - CBR 18. Aphid Moon - Hyperdimension 19. Astrix - Life System (Delirious Remix) 20. Dickster & Burn in Noise - Induced 21. Shove - Goa Times 22. Ital - Healing Zone 23. Aphid Moon - Go for Orbit
  5. Hey guys, Here is a new set for you to enjoy and kick-start your weekend Style is Full On Psychedelic Trance https://soundcloud.com/sibren/sibren-vegter-psychedelic-winter Feel free to leave me some feedback here or on soundcloud. Tracklist: 1. Loud - All Rights Reversed (Avalon Remix) 2. Patchbay & Yage & Cosmos Vibration - Patagonia 3. Altruism - Beyond Illusion 4. Avalon Vs. Dickster - Into the New World (Sonic Species Remix) 5. Altruism - Intera 6. 2012 vs Ital - Technical Problem 7. Gido & Triphonic - Multi Dimension Reality (featuring Triphonic) 8. Hyperion - Break it Bad 9. Predators - Mystery Signals 10. Avalon - Play it Bahia 11. Zen Mechanics Vs Headroom - CBR (S-Range Remix) 12. Ital - Piedra De Luna 13. Gesh - Koru 14. Rinkadink - Control the Future 15. Aphid Moon - Go For Orbit 16. Wrecked Machines Vs. Panick - Spotless Mind 17. Aphid Moon & Helios - Sugar Cubes 18. Laughing Budddha - Threadone
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