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  1. it was a great party! more of a social thing for me as the tunes didn't quite grab me........my sig is something I heard Terence McKenna say on one of his "talks"....I liked it I have some pics from this last weekend, the the party where Koxbox played, my camera went missing (fortunatley I got the mem stick out before that) so I haven't been able to download the pics yet, should have that done by Friday and then will post some of them......
  2. always a pleasure dude, it will be the last for a while tho, my camera went walk-about at the Groovy Troopers party last weekend......I'm so bummed! anyway, enjoy
  3. Sharon and I and then there was Kyle who had a sudden nap attack on my tent! hehehe.....vooitog!
  4. WLizzard has requested I post some pics from the Alien Safari a few weeks ago. Unfortunatley didn't get many dj pics but here are a few I did get I lurrrv trees! This is me... Some of the girls at our camp site more to follow
  5. I think it's since full on music started hehehe....
  6. I missed this one but I do remember it, plus the second picture has my ex wife in it !! bwahahaha.......
  7. Thanks Anoebis, very helpful! and if someone doesn't have the balls to sign a rude email then fuqem!!!
  8. Ola Mush man, is that collar finally gone ??? hehehe... Hey Gemini, was great to finally meet you last night, will let you know about Friday night (Joe's dinner or braai) Also I see that Colin OOOD is playing Easter Vortex over here, that's brilliant dude, look forward to hearing you play!!!
  9. Hey, we'll be seeing Nikita on Saturday at Alien Safari....can't wait, should be great !!
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