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  1. Hello, the cover is also ready. Once again a great artwork from mike/comandeer. Also having a 1st edition of our label t-shirts ready - will post soon where to purchase.. Thanx for the support tv
  2. Oxygen Records presents - VA:Occurance We are extremely proud to announce our 3rd compilation – Brought to you for the first time by the endearing and enchanting face of Oxygen; Djane Nem. With this compilation you can fully expect the same high standards that have set Oxygen Records as the hallmark for excellent. With levels of streaming energy and musicality, Nem has carefully chosen 9 tracks to bring out the best in today’s scene in all its shades and forms from tranced out progressive moods through to morning fresh and fluffy vibes, whilst still ensuring that silky smooth touch from a feminine mind. VA - Occurrance contains previously unreleased tracks, again collecting exclusive collaborations from some of today’s established and unsung artists - Triptych vs. Sim 1 brings together one half of Silver Surfer and no one less than the master himself Protoculture – Chromosome vs. Rumble Pack and Setherian vs. Highpersonic Whomen are for sure collaborations that truly deserve full attention. Fresh from his brilliant debut album ‘Beyond Belief’, Spectra returns with a hot new unreleased track together with artist productions from the likes of Echotek, Visua, Native Radio and Sound Field that offer this compilation their finest achievements to date. Full Tracklist: 1-Setherian vs. Highpersonic Whomen - Floripa Sunshine (written and produced by DJ Seth and Justin Space) Brazil/Finland 2-Sound Field - One Step Above The Sun (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia with Alex Z) Israel 3-Echotek - Endless Run (written and produced by Micha Yossef) Israel 4-Triptych vs. Sim 1 - Silver Trip (written and produced by Charles Michaud and Simon Mahlerbes) France/South Africa 5-Setherian - What Was Lost And Forgotten (written and produced by DJ Seth) Brazil 6-Chromosome vs Rumble Pack - Hypochondricals (written and produced by Anders Nilsson, Philip Guillame and Andreas Marki) Sweden/Switzerland 7-Spectra - Insane (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal 8-Visua - Sayonara (written and produced by Rodrigo Raggi) Mexico 9-Native Radio - Downtschaggi (written and produced by Bastian Hoffmann and Michael Geissen) Germany 01-The opening track is the first exclusive collaboration on the compilation. It is also the first release from DJ Seth and Justin Space from there formed collaboration of these Brazilian and Finnish artists. The result is a fantastic smooth and tranquil peace of art. 02-Andy and Liron just cannot stop surprising us. After their previous Oxygen releases they again bring us another brilliant crossover track. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming album from these sound wizards, due out soon on Oxygen Records. 03-Micha Yossef is back with his strong, deep, minimalist and hypnotic definition of trance. Endless Run is a deep bass driven track with a cosmic eruption at the end. 04-Here yet another exclusive collaboration, Triptych vs. Sim 1 (Sim 1 also has a running project with Protoculture called Silver Surfer).The track itself is an absolute dance floor crasher, completely driving, but happy and melodic. 05-Second track from DJ Seth, this time under his Setherian moniker. This is impossible to describe in words this really is complete masterpiece. Seth is certainly delivering some of his best works to date. This is a tune that you want to listen again and again to and one that that you do not want to ever end. It’s an emotional journey that will leave its mark. 06-Our 3rd exclusive collaboration, this time the true Swedish hero, Chromosome meets the Rumble Pack, fresh producers from Switzerland. This is a fantastic combination, with a lush chunky Scandinavian progressive beginning and building to its climax as a full on Swiss blaster. 07-These Portuguese brothers are without doubt one of today’s most innovative and mind provoking artists. They simply prove this by again turning in another unreleased exclusive track, following on from their debut album ‘Beyond Belief’ last year. 08-Mexican artist Visua is fast becoming known around the globe for his strong and solid combinations of progressive mixed with melodic full on trance. This has culminated in many releases on Midijum Records. 09-The last track is from Native Radio – an established German project with many releases, including amongst others Yellow sunshine Explosion, Flow Records and Cosmophilia and their debut album on Midijum Records. This track is very smooth with plenty of deep groovy atmospheric ambience. This being their first release after a short absence. In Summarizing, all in all, our new compilation delivers a much deeper, vibrant, smooth and groovy release. We have taken time to find the right tracks that provide that fine balance between a trancey progressive vibe and intelligent morning full-on tracks. Some of the tunes sit really on the edge of both styles and for that we are extremely pleased with the end result. We hope that you will enjoy this collection as much as we have in producing it. cu @ sunrise Further info,cover,release date and many more pretty soon to follow.
  3. Oxygen Records News and Releases Schedule. First of all we would like to wish everyone successfull new year filled with great parties and nice music. We would like to thank our friends all around the globe for their support in the previous year, we value it a lot. We didnt stop in our achievment to bring intelligent morning music to the psychedelic crowd. Djane Nem is currently working on her first compilation. Its going to be wellbalanced mixture of trancy progressive tunes and smooth full on vibrations. VA:Occurrance is the name to remember. This compilation contains special collaborations including names such as Triptych vs Sim One (one part of Silver Surfer project made together with Protoculture), Chromosome vs Rumble Pack,Setherian vs Hyphersonic Whomen. Spectra, Soundfield, Native Radio or Echotek joins the compilation as well. VA:Occurrance will be released during spring 06. Also during the spring time Oxygen Records will move its office to the beautifull city of Barcelona - Catalunya/Spain. So with these we would like speak to promoters, organizers and artists working on Iberian Peninsula to contact us for further informations. We arent looking only for gigs in this area of Spain/Portugal/France etc but for artists to work with or for a single persons to have a good time with. For the rest of the year we have in pipeline 2 other releases - the long awaited album of the chameleon artist Soundfield (aka Prosect,ICO,Sonify). With this you cannot expect anything else then crossover ride through the various styles of psy musikk. After big success of VA:Parsec djTV prepares another space adventure - VA:Pulsar. Oxygen Records Releasing Schedule for 2006: VA:Occurance - compiled by Djane Nem (OXYCD004) - out in spring 06 Soundfield - Audio Surfin' (OXYCD005) - out in summer 06 VA:Pulsar - compiled by dj TV (OXYCD006) - will be specified Muchas Gracias for your attention. C U at Sunrise. Yours O2 Crew. Contact: web:www.oxygenrecords.com mail:tv@oxygenrecords.com
  4. Thanx for the nice and honest review man. This one is copy/paste review from Clown from isratrance.forum Artist : Spectra Album : Beyond Belief Label : Oxygen Records Cover : http://ip23.dyn181.pacific.net.hk/showCover.asp?titleID=5295 Tracklisting : 1. Intro 2. Audio 59 3. Into The Monkey Planet 4. Set The Drive 5. Headshot 6. Ganzales 7. One Self (With Zero Sequence) 8. Discoshit 9. Beyond Belief Review : Spectra - Beyond Belief Oxygen Records is back again, this time with their first album release. Dj TV has placed his trust in two young brothers from Portugal. Paulo and Francisco Oliveira are the brains behind this fresh new Full-on act. They deliver an 8-track album with an extra intro. Lets get into a little more detail of each track.. The intro starts things off with a breakbeat feel, and IMO is a great opener for this album. Audio 59 jumps right into things with a strong bassline and kick after just half a second into the track. This track is driven by the insane bassline used to create this track. There isn’t too much melody in this track, however, those that are used fit very well with the rest of the track. This track is in constant buildup, and keeps exploding on the way down. It makes me think of Silicon Sound on Steroids. This track is defiantly dancefloor material at its best that I can be sure to hear a lot of in the near future. Into the Monkey Planet also doesn’t waste any time getting things pounding as this track starts off very heavy and a little more twisted than the previous track. You can almost feel the electricity omitted from the sonar frequencies of this track, as it progresses into something more melodic near the end as the bassline grooves a little more as well. It’s a very nice track from beginning to end. Set the Drive keeps things kicking and surely sets the drive on any dancefloor it will appear on. This one takes about 2 seconds longer than the previous one’s before it kicks things off, before these guys serve us another great bassline driven track. Its quiet similar to Audio 59 when we refer to the bassline (but then again, I don’t think I can ever get tired of this type of bassline), only it’s a little less melodic and sounds more “South African” in the style of Pads used. Headshot brings us to a deserted island, finally giving us honor to an intro before the killing begins.. but wait, whats this, something new?? A much smoother track than what we have just witnessed, also slowing down the pace a little to change up the vibe. So far, it’s the most psycadelic of all the tracks, with interesting delay effects creating the depth of the song. This would be a great track to open up there LIVE act in the near future.. It’s a very interesting track and I must admit it caught me by surprise and touched me in a very positive way. Ganzales speeds up the pace a little, starting a little more progressive than the first 3 tracks, to build up into something very strong. It almost feels as if the pitch changes during the buildup of this track. Here we have another smasher without any sign of melodies until the last part of the track, yet the melodies aren’t cheesy nor do they take too much room in this track. I really like the way everything flows so well together and progresses slowly as the track moves forward. One Self features Zero Sequence, as these four guys team up to put together something cool. With the Spectra trademark of this album, this track gets right into the action with a buildup at the very beginning of this tune. You can feel the melodies in this track and the bassline now transposes a couple of times to offer even more variety to this great album. This track sounds like some Astrix at his best, with a very Isrealie sound. It’s probably the best track of this album up to now. Discoshit features a very dark bassline with some very interesting twists and turns. In this track, Spectra delivers something with a little bit more of a morning flavour, with softer pads and a more standard morning sound. All the sounds are very harmonical and very soothing, yet this track still has what it takes to be played out during the peak times at a party. I really like the breakbeat breakdowns used in this one. Its so relaxing when you have been dancing for hours non-stop. Last but not least, these guys finish up their debut album with Beyond Belief, another morning inclined track. Lots of melodies are found in this one along with a very interesting bassline, that almost sounds like Wizzy Noise’s style, yet they don’t seem to go exactly in that same direction. It’s a great track to end off this album, with a very soft ending to relax the soul and make you wounder what just went through your mind for the last hour listening to this great album.. In Conclusion, this album as a whole is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. All the tracks are dancefloor designed, and I couldn’t even mention which track I find better than the other, since they are all pretty much top class. This is by FAR Oxygen’s best release, offering nothing less than top notch music. The Mastering is just phenomenal as well, and I’d like to congratulate Audiolize for his hard work. Regardless, here are my fav’s : 2, 3, 4 ,5, 7, 9 A must by for every DJ and psytrance collector and this should get up there with this years best album releases. Great work TV and crew..
  5. hello cd is already available in most of the shops. you can listen to the samples here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/oxy/oxy1cd003.html or here: http://saikosounds.com/english/show_artist...?artist_id=4590 hope ull enjoy the music as well as we do. Have been playing most of the tracks during the summer and the response was nearly divine..:-)) Thanx a lot for your feeback and support..
  6. copy/paste review from Dj Clown - take from the isratrance forum. Oxygen Records strikes again with another great morning release. This one is much more trancy than there first release, bringing forth alot more atmospheric music with a great dancefloor feel. VA - Parsec is compiled by Dj TV once again, and he surly doesn't let us down. 1. Braincell – Underwater 2. Aphid Moon Vs. Protoculture – Systematic Anomally 3. Ninja – Show Time 4. Hydraglyph – Aural Sex (Rmx) 5. Freakulizer & Dj Moodra – Freaky Mood 6. Setherian – Angelic Debris 7. Sound Field – No Roots 8. Lucid Sound – 8.5 Light Minutes 9. Spectra – Split This compilation starts off with a great opening track, at the perfect tempo to open up your minds for this compilation.. Braincell surely know's what he's doing when it comes to top notch production and sound. This bassline track has a minimal full-on feel to it, as he refrains from any distinct melody. I really like the percussions used in this one, giving a slight tribal vibe at times.. Very nice ! Aphid moon Vs Protoculture is definatly a team up we will be hearing alot more from after this one. A much heavyer bassline than Braincell's track, also with a minimal feel to it and simular sounds as "Underwater". It sounds alot like the "Wrecked Machines" album in a way.. Very psycadelik tune here . Ninja comes back after almost two (if not more) years away from a release. His last track released was borderline full-on and psytek, so my expectations were very high as i awaited new material. As i expected, he does not let us down.. One can say that this track is the "launch" of this compilaiton, as he pickes up the pace and laces us with awsome melodies. Its kind of a long track that IMO could progress into something more, but then again, it does the trick on a dancefloor, and mixed with other tunes, it has more than enough energy to knock people's socks off.. Hydraglyph is something new to me, and didn't know what to expect.. at first, i though i would be a hard trance tune, but insted it delivers one of the darkest tracks one this release. The structure of this track is totally insane, as it starts off rather slow and after each buildup, you get extra energy, until the final death breakdown, where the track turns into a ball of energy.. so much power in this tune and top production makes it a must at all parties.. Now for a blast from the past, we get Freakulizer and Dj Moodra's tune that sounds alot like old goa trance at certain points, with todays progressions.. Its very melodic and has goaish pads.. not really something that caught my ear, but i'm sure i can find a set to add this one into.. Setherian isn't really my cup of tea, and honestly i cannot say i've really enjoyed any of his releases in the past.. This one unfortunatly doesn't reach out to me, much like his previous work.. although i really like the last breakdown in the track, in general i think there just isn't enough bassline action.. it would work best in the late morning to kinda sooth the trancers.. (sorry if you are reading this seth, i do not in any way mean to insult your music nor your production, for it is just as great as all the other tunes on this compilation, just not for me, personally) Okay, well, i guess its always great to follow up a track that i like least, with one i like best.. thanks Oxygen for doing this just right. Sound Field is back with more destruction, combining almost every possible musical element in this one, from progressive house to psytrance.. what a masterpeice this one is. You can feel the "sound field" this track creates.. A more trancy track then we are use to from Andy, but he know's how to take the best element of trance and make it hard enough to keep you awake.. a true stormer.. Lucid SounD also doesn't reach out and touch my psy-ears.. I guess its just too "Morning" for my tastes.. It runs around in circles alot and comes back to the same sounds, never really building up as much as it could.. Just not for me.. Ahh, Spectra is back with another solid track. Surprised me at first, as i was expecting something dark and hard, we got something smooth and trancy.. not much bassline in this one, but alot of bass to make up for it.. it kinda has a chinese sounding influences in the melodies.. like in chinease anime cartoons.. very melodic atmosphere and a great track to close this album, leaving you wanting more more more.. luckly, his album is on the way .. All in all, if your a progressive fan, you will love this album.. if you are a Morning fan this is a MUST .. if you like goa gill, your in the wrong place.. lol.. This is not a total madness compilation.. its filled with sensual tunes that relax the body, but give's you the urge to shake your booty none-the-less.. Favs : 1, 2, 3, !4!, !7!, 9 ..
  7. Samples soon online at most of the internet shops.. Ill post you a links once up.
  8. Glad you like it - big big credits to our renegade designer - mike comandeer www.comandeer.com I am really thinking of that...maybe for 2007 if all is ok..kinda more Idm,ambient,jazzy,downbeat,chill stuff.... If interested lets get in touch for sure!
  9. hello everyone.. just remind you...the release date has been settled on 5.12.2005 So pretty soonish in the shops. take cake tv tested on dancers tv
  10. Spectra – Beyond Belief Oxygen Records is proud to announce the release of the outstanding debut album from Portuguese “superduo” SPECTRA. After several releases on labels such as Spectral Records, Hadra Records, Ketuh Records and Good Mood Records; Oxygen Records brings you collection of fresh tracks in this splendid musical journey. The CD encompasses styles ranging from the full-on, melodic psy and psy progressive illustrating the variety and huge talent of these two producers. Each track has received a fantastic response from dance floors worldwide. Spectra’s sound is specific, original and at times experimental and can be described as melodic morning trance at its best. They are a breath of fresh air and will appeal to all those looking for innovative, interesting and well-produced music. With climatic melodies, dynamic bass lines and an overriding positive atmosphere Spectra display the talents they posses. They can be described in two words – “Beyond Belief”. 01-Intro 02-Audio 59 03-Into The Monkey Planet 04-Set The Drive 05-Headshot 06-Ganzales 07-One Self (with Zero Sequence) 08-Discoshit 09-Beyond Belief CATNUMBER:OXYCD003 Cover by: Mike Comandeer (www.comandeer.com) Mastered by: Audialize (portugal) Distributed by: Arabesque Distribution (www.arab.co.uk) Tel:+44 20 8993 5966 more info atd http://www.oxygenrecords.com tested on dancers tv
  11. If you wanna win a new compilation VA:Parsec from Oxygen records Come and play. It´s very simple! Try to guess what track has the slowest BPM on the VA:Parsec compilation. Your opinion - name of the track, artist and EXACT BPM send to our special email competition@oxygenrecords.com till the mid of october. Put the answer into the subject of the email! 3 first exact or closest estimation will get our CD. So good luck to everybody;) Winners will be contacted by email. Example of the full answer: Setherian - Angelic Debris 142 - WRITE THIS AS A SUBJECT IN THE EMAIL! the full tracklist can be found on our website here: http://oxygenrecords.com/releases_parsec.htm cu tv
  12. release date settled to 17.10.. meanwhile there is a competition for free cds. So have a look at http://oxygenrecords.com/specials.htm to know more.. cu
  13. Oxygen records has been working hard with compiling to bring you the best and freshest sounds from all over. After the great feedback for our 1st compilation - V.A. - Satellite we hope again that we were able to put together 9 various tracks both from famous or newcoming artists that will shake your butts. As known - we dont rely on musical boundaries in morning trance. So we again serve you an delicious morning journey of intesinvly selected tunes - simply morning trance in all variations. This time even more crispy. V.A. - Parsec contains tracks from artists all across the word and also few exclusive collaborations such a track from Aphid Moon vs Protoculture (1st collaboration of these artists ever!), Freakulizer with Dj Moodra or Setherian with Dj Marko.The tracklist continue with tunes from Braincell aka Rastaliens, Ninja, Spectra, Soundfield, Hydraglyph and Lucid SounD. VA: Parsec compiled by dj T.V. 1-Braincell aka Rastaliens - Underwater (written and produced by Ralph Knobloch) Germany 2-Aphid Moon vs Protoculture - Systematic Anomally (written and produced by Jules Hammer and Nate Raubenheimer) Great Brittain/South Africa 3-Ninja - Show Time (written and produced by Stephane Djani) France 4-Freakulizer & Dj Moodra - Freaky Mood (written and produced by Simon Schwendener & Martin Baur) Switzerland 5-Hydraglyph - Aural Sex (rmx) (written and produced by Mark Ackermann & Andrew Morgan) South Africa 6-Setherian vs Dj Marko - Angelic Debris (written and produced by dj Seth and dj Marko) Brazil 7-Soundfield - No Roots (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia) Israel 8-Lucid SounD - 8.5 Light Minutes (written and produced by András Benkóczi) Hungary 9-Spectra - Split (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal CATNUMBER:OXYCD002 Compiled by: dj T.V. (tv@oxygenrecords.com) Cover by: Mike Comandeer (www.comandeer.com) Distributed by: Arabesque Distribution (www.arab.co.uk) Tel:+44 20 8993 5966 great artwork by mike comandeer: http://oxygenrecords.com/img/data/releases_parsec_front.jpg more info, competition etc soon at http://www.oxygenrecords.com tested on dancers tv
  14. Here is one more review (copied from forum.istratrance.com). Thanx to Laurin (the author) for such a great feedback. va-Satellite Oxygen Records 2005 1.Mr. Peculiar- 'Elevation' 2.Setherian- 'Patch This' 3.Audialize- 'Full On Chaos Magic' 4.E-jekt- 'Shigris' 5.Gappeq- 'One Soul' 6.Vibra- 'Alien Intelligence' 7.Spectra- 'Radiation Status' 8.Alternative Control- 'Esperanto' 9.Sound Field- 'Ocean in Motion' This great collection of tracks has been compiled by DJ TV...This is the 1st release of brand new label Oxygen Records that is focused on releasing intelligent melodic morning music in all variations. With that in mind... 1.Mr. Peculiar-'Elevation'- *The Early Morning Stormer* - From Australia comes a track by one of my favorite psy artists, the track starts right in introducing bright melodic pads that remind me of early Atomic Pulse, intermingling with deeper synth sounds in the background and a driving kick, all the while remaining very psychedelic, a nice percussion line and a more straightforward melody are added to the mix, ambient pads remain in the background, lots of different synth melodies and patterns are interspersed in this track, its got the drive of a nighttime track, and the melody of the morning, a killer combination, also many of the melodies in this track are of a more mysterious and almost melancholy feel, which i really liked. A breakdown, and the classic Mr. Peculiar synth sound is introduced, a complete break- and then everything good in this track happens seemingly all at once. killer! 10/10 2.Setherian-'Patch This'- *The Techy Morning Groover* - From Brazil comes a track from Dj Seth. This track starts in with a driving straightforward bassline, kick, and high hat. some swirling synth sounds are overlayed, A faster groove around 143bpm and some nice metallic percussion along with growing ambient pads in the backgound and a melody that we can hear slowly creeping its way around the other parts of the track. It eases its way into the forefront of the track smoothly and seemingly without notice, the breakdown- some very mechanical samples, and the deep groove is back in once again minus the melody and with the addition of more psychedelic mechanical samples, the ambient pads are again introduced, a very nice techy, percussive overall feel to this track, a breakdown with some ambient sounds in the background, many sounds swirling around and a slow percussive build. the groove is again introduced with the creeping melody from before, uplifting yet dark, all at the same time 9/10 3.Audialize-'Full On Chaos Magic'- *The Best Morning Track of 2005!!!!* From Portugal comes Joao Appel (Audialize) with a track that just makes me anticipate his full length release on Third Eye Records about a million times more than before. This is by *far* the best track I have heard in a long time. the beat is driving, the track is constantly building and the synth melodies are interesting, original, and most importantly, make me want to dance my ass off! the breakdown builds tension while also allowing for a quick resolution and returning the track to its killer groove, the filters on the melody make for an even more interesting track- another breakdown- and part 2 of the melody is introduced. Every time i listen to this track, (and I've listened to it many many times since I've gotten the cd) every sound I love, another breakdown features the synth melody by itself and then this track takes off. and the best part is, every time you think its over, the intensity just keeps building. full on chaos magic it truly is!! and it makes a dancefloor go absolutely insane!!!!!!! 11/10!!!!! 4.E-jekt-'Shigris'- *The Suprise Morning Melody* E-jekt is the morning melodic side project of Nir Shoshani aka Hujaboy. the track slams in with a large bass sound and muted percussion in the background, some ambient pads in the back increase the tension inherent in this track, a synth melody swirls from left to right and back again while the main melody takes center stage. a more bouncy kick is introduced as a more abrasive and less melodic synth melody is introduced combining with vocal samples interspersed in the background. a mysterious breakdown gives the feeling that one is falling down. a vocal sample and a filtered swirling melody builds up and the original groove is back in along with ambient pads, a bit of mystery in this track, as I'm not sure where its headed and then finally a huge snare roll and a very nice bassline kicks in with a multitude of synth melodies bouncing around on top while at the same time new melodies begin unfolding, and then BAM. its over. 8/10 5.Gappeq-'One Soul'-*The Psy-Reggae Morning Groove* From Czech comes Gappeq, Jiri Tomasek, who's tracks I have always been a fan of from various Kethu Records Compilations. his sound has been developping and evolving quite nicely as of late! The track begins with some interesting percussive melodies and bell sounds as a ripping synth lead is introduced. ambient pads fad in and out sitting behind the main synth melody, but yet slowly growing in prominence. an oozing melody and a short buildup, some breakbeats, and a clarinet melody. very nice and unusual use of sounds, some quirky percussion, very orchestral melodies. the track is relaxing for the moment creeping along, the percussion is added back in almost instantaneously, a more driving prominent kick slides in and we have a dark feel that immediately contrasts with a ska/reggae feel into a buildup, slamming into a more driving kick/bass and a bouncy, quirky melody and the ripping synth and percussion from the beginning are again reintroduced. the random quirky samples lead to the clarinet melody ending the track 10/10 6.Vibra- 'Alien Intelligence'- *The Get Everyone off their Ass and Dancing Morning Groove* From Brazilian Daniel Costa comes yet another killer track. A mysterious sample and large synth in the background and this is deep, full, and driving from the start. the deeper sounds are what really get this track going, some nice percussion and delayed synths, and the main synth melody is in, a dramatic breakdown, some squeaky samples and a very fat acid synth line takes over. reminds me a bit of an old hard house melody for a second, except the sound really helps to round out the track as a whole. the track is pretty straight forward and has a very "in your face" feel to it, a creeping pizzacato-ish sound sits behind the acid synth before eventually taking center stage. nice acid synth breakdown, along with sample, and we are into the same hard house-esque groove once again. not really my favorite from Vibra, but powerful track nonetheless 7/10 7.Spectra- 'Radiation Status'- *The Morning Resolution* From Portugal comes Spectra with a track that begins with soothing melodic ambiance and a smooth groove, subtle kick, and precise percussion send this track onwards, swirling melodies swoop haphazardly twisting around. a short breakdown and the beat is filtered while the track builds and we are back to our swooping groove once again. a percussion line takes more prominance, giving this track less of a straightforward feel, the breakdown and a slow build and a delayed synth and percussive sound take over the track. sweeping ambient pads swirl into a breakdown and a tinkling melody and dreamy breakdown. a slow gentle melodic build with the bassline creeping up underneath and the groove comes back in with many swooping sounds and ambient pads. a smoother melody creeps in over everything and this is just that point at the end of a long night of dancing, when you just look up at the sky and smile 9/10 8.Alternative Control- 'Esperanto'- *The Most Melodic Morning Track* From Serbia comes Alternative Control with some nice melodies to open up the track, some light percussion is introduced and a subtle buildup into a driving kick and acid sounding bassline, some ambient pads and short laser sounds are interspersed as the ambient melody grows, the main melody reminds me a lot of Protoculture. the breakdown and a zooming buildup, with the main melody remaining most prominant in the track. a breakdown and the smooth melody is answered with a more raw sounding synth, a breakdown, inaudible sample and a breakdown/buildup with this sample in the background still, nice morning melodies, perhaps a bassline that is a bit too aggressive for the rest of the track but regardless, killer morning melodies 8/10 9.Sound Field- 'Ocean in Motion'- *The Anthematic Morning Track* Sound Field is Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia from Israel. An interesting and unusual beginning as the kick and high hats are filtered and the bass pops in for a second, a sample in the background and finally the bass kicks in and this groover takes off. the bpm is slower than other tracks on the compilation at 137bpm. At times it reminds me of Freq, at other times, Pixel. that is until the guitar melody is introduced, a breakdown and an almost anthem-ish melody takes over, a short vocal and we're into a more synth based groove, almost a funky feel to this track with a more ripping synth sound behind the melody driving the track along, the breakdown with the anthem-ish melody, percussion starts the buildup as all of a sudden its pretty intense and aggressive before abruptly returning to the previous laid back groove, perhaps the contrast was a bit much, but it only serves to highlight the nice groove of this track! 8/10 Overall: 9/10 FINALLY a morning trance compilation that doesn't cheese out!!! Quality Morning Music!!! An excellent debut release from Oxygen Records! and as I pointed out above, what's especially nice about this compliation is that each track has its own distinct feel and showcases the many different takes that one can have on exactly what "morning music" is. The compilation flows nicely from start to finish, beginning with more early morning stompers and progressing to the more melodic mid morning/early afternoon grooves. An excellent collection of artists as well, with a nice mix of veteran and newcomer producers. I look forward to hearing more from Oxygen Records in the future! Favorites:1(!!!), 2, 3(!!!!!!!!!), 5(!!!), 7
  15. Ahh..great the review is also here.. Thanx Psychiatrist for spreading:-)
  16. We r pretty happy to announce, that the long awaited compilation - VA Satellite is already available in all good shops. Its an emotional journey trough the melodic psychedelic trance. With the excellent artists tracklist - Mr.Peculiar, Audialize, Spectra, Setherian, Vibra, Alternative Control, Gappeq and Soundfield. All the tracks are special and unique. Oxygen records is trying to come up with somethink fresh, while still keeping the quality on the top level.Our aim is to release intelligent melodic music - simply the music we love to listen those unforgetable mornings.. Enjoy as we do. Will b nice to listen to your comments, tips and ideas. let us know at info@oxygenrecords.com for more info about our activities and future plans pls have a look ar oxygen records c u at sunrise O2 crew.
  17. Hello everyone... we r really pleasant to announce that a website of oxygen records is finally up. Have a look on this graphique masterpiece at http://www.oxygenrecords.com Thanx a lot to Mike Comandeer - the graphic maestro. On this page ull find all relevant info about this upcoming label. Czeck the releases section to know whats in the pipeline, also have a look to the specials section to play a contest. Expect more material soon - for example wallpapers and more surprises are on the way. and dont hasitate to click to view pictures:-)) all the best take cake O2 crew ...my hoovercraft is full of eels... ***Oxygenrecords.com***
  18. ok..sory mate.. wasnt sure where to put it here in the forum. thanx tv
  19. If you wanna win a new compilation from Oxygen records Come and play. It´s very simple! Try to guess the exact lenght of the longest track from VA Satellite. Your opinion - name of the track,artist and lenght/minutes and seconds/ send to our special email competition@oxygenrecords.com till the end of january. 3 first closest estimation will get our CD. So good luck to everybody;) Winners will be contacted by email. Exaple of the full answer: Audialize - Full on chaos magic 7:26 -WRITE THIS AS A SUBJECT IN THE EMAIL! Oxygen records – V.A. Satellite compiled by dj T.V. 1-Mr. Peculiar – Elevation (written and produced by Dustin Saalfield) Australia 2-Setherian – Patch This (written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil 3-Audialize – Full On Chaos Magic (written and produced by Joao Appel) Portugal 4-E-jekt – Shigris (written and produced by Nir Shoshani and Uri Azene) Izrael 5-Gappeq – One Soul (written and produced by Jiri Tomasek) Czech 6-Vibra- Alien Intelligence (written and produced by Daniel Costa) Brazil 7-Spectra – Radiation Status (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal 8-Alternative Control – Esperanto (written and produced by Rastko Palikuca and Goran Toprek) Serbia 9-Sound Field – Ocean in Motion (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia) Izrael We will take into account only full answers and everybody has only one chance. More info soon at www.oxygenrecords.com
  20. Hello all trancers and especially morning trance lovers should read this sheet very carefully. We are very happy that we can inform you about this very special occasion – the first release from ultimate morning trance label Oxygen Records is finished and will be released pretty soon. The 1st release is a compilation called V.A. SATELLITE and if you are prepared we will provide you with the breathtaking tracklist. We are really glad to say that all of the artists love this idea behind – and that is to release intelligent/interesting morning music in all variations – so to cooperate with them was like waiting for the pearls. So what do we got here? Czeck that out. Oxygen records – V.A. Satellite compiled by dj T.V. 1-Mr. Peculiar – Elevation (written and produced by Dustin Saalfield) Australia 2-Setherian – Patch This (written and produced by Christian Zahn) Brazil 3-Audialize – Full On Chaos Magic (written and produced by Joao Appel) Portugal 4-E-jekt – Shigris (written and produced by Nir Shoshani and Uri Azene) Izrael 5-Vibra- Alien Intelligence (written and produced by Daniel Costa) Brazil 6-Spectra – Radiation Status (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal 7-Gappeq – One Soul (written and produced by Jiri Tomasek) Czech 8-Alternative Control – Esperanto (written and produced by Rastko Palikuca and Goran Toprek) Serbia 9-Sound Field – Ocean in Motion (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia) Izrael mastered by a master of clear sound alias Sensient in Sensient labs – Australia. There will be also a special competition for Oxygen releases. So that’s why check out our website www.oxygenrecords.com frequently to know whats going on. The site is in progress and will online in few weex. If u feel u have what to tell us, pls don’t hasitate – we are looking for your opinions, ideas and thoughts. Also if u r an artist, promoter, distributer, tommyknocker or multilocker – we would love to hear from u. Don’t forget that copying kills OUR music. Download with intelligence! C u by the sunrise Take cake O2 crew.
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