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  1. V.A. Vanguard compiled by dj Slater Tracklist 1. Duca - Green Lines 2. Even 11 - Like This (Komytea remix) 3. Tegma, Duca & DJ Slater - East Block 4. Greed vs. Sonic Cube - Wilde (Elegant Universe remix) 5. Vibrasphere - 102 Miles From Here (Jerome Isma-Ae remix) 6. Lish & Yotopia - Plastik Twist 7. LeRon & Yves Eaux - Welcome To The Real World 8. Peter Juergens - You & Me 9. Ticon - In Stereo (Even 11 remix) 10. Nipp - Salvation Vanguard: Middle English: [vandgard], from avaunt garde, from Old French: avaunt, before (from Latin abante) + garde, guard (from garder) 1. The leading units moving at the head of an army 2. Any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts) [syn: avant-garde] 3. The position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field The global progressive scene had a huge evolvement during the last years and has distinguished more and more. Tribal Vision Records has accompanied and shaped this evolution since the label was founded. And today another step in this ever evolving process has been done… Forward thinking, exploring new territories, and transmitting a “Tribal vision” of contemporary progressive music …This is what the brand new compilation series Vanguard is all about! The first part of it, sets straight away new standards with a colourful expression of the most modern and innovative sound. This exclusive selection by label’s head dj Slater features both some of the most renowned and most promising names on the progressive scene nowadays like Tegma, Lish & Yotopia, Even 11, Jerome Isma-Ae, Elegant Universe and more. Vanguard gives you an up- to- date outlook to what is awaiting the dancefloors in 2008, so keep tuned!!! Enclosed is a 10 pages full-colored booklet by the Czech designer Lukas Opekar aka Quapim, including a DJ friendly slip card with marked BPM and keys. Mastered by Charles Michaud (Solead / Triptych) @ Préférence Mastering, Paris. Available soon@Psyshop
  2. Live recorded set from my dj performance near Mexico City is available for free download at my website: http://www.djslater.net/download.php Featured are tracks from artists such as Chris Micali, Thomas Penton, Dousk, Eelke Kleijn, Mohawk, D-Nox & Beckers and many others...this time its a bit more pumpin´, dancy, open air progressive sound Enjoy Contact & Booking: E-mail: booking@tribalvision.cz Phone: +420 723065858 www.djslater.net www.myspace.com/djslatertribalvision www.tribalvision.cz www.tribalvision.cz/booking www.myspace.com/tribalvisionrecords
  3. Tribal Vision Records www.tribalvision.cz presents Vibrasphere – Floating Free: Remix Contest Floating Free - this extraordinary track from Swedish project Vibrasphere had a huge impact on dancefloors all over the world. Many top deejays like Armin Van Buuren or John 00 Fleming had it in their playlists during summer and it even reached #1 in the Beatport.com trance charts. Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster aka Vibrasphere are producing trance music since the mid 90s and have had a decisive influence on the whole progressive trance scene. They themselves regard Floating Free to be one of their most progressive productions. Tribal Vision Records gives you the possibility to do a remix of this amazing piece of music. How to participate? Just write an email to info@tribalvision.cz with "Floating Free competition" in the subject. We will send you the link to the track samples as well as the remix submission info back. The winning track chosen by Vibrasphere and Tribal Vision will be released on the upcoming Floating Free Remixes 12" EP in February 2007, and the next 5 best tracks will be released on an exclusive digital compilation on Beatport.com. The deadline for sending your tracks is December 10th, 2006. We are expecting to hear all kinds of music! The original track is available on "Lime Light 2" CD compilation released on Tribal Vision Records in July 2006 or directly at www.beatport.com and other download shops.
  4. Well, I expected this kind of reaction on the (psy)trance scene...it´s not a surprise and honestly, I am not a big fan of artist pictures on the cover art either (those who know the covers of CDs I compiled in the past should know what I am talking about). Anyway, I believe the full-length cd album is a pure artist´s expression and thus we leave our artists freedom to choose how should their album look like, even from a design point of view. While for example Sonic Cube insisted on the most simple cover possible without any picture, Fitalic´s dream since he started making music was to release a CD album with this kind of picture on the cover. And I simply accepted that wish, especially while I know he is far from having a pop star behaviour, he just has a different view of the things than me or you. So, in general, although I don´t usually like the photoes on covers either (actually the designer himself did a great work on the booklet itself and ep labels), I think its stupid to judge artist/label/music just on the base of this. Musically I believe its one of the best records we have ever put out, kind of fusion between progressive house/tribal/trance/tech/breaks.
  5. Lime Light 2 Compiled by DJ Slater Label: Tribal Vision Records Artist: Various Artists Cat. No.: TVRCD010 Release Date: July 2006 Format: CD Cover Design: Milan Malík (000333) Tribal Vision continues its successful summer series with the release of Lime Light 2 compiled by DJ Slater. Following themes explored in the first volume, the second part will showcase DJ Slater’s unique vision of summertime progressive music. Fusing elements of progressive trance, house and electro into what could be called the progressive sound of 2006, Lime Light 2 will no doubt be a hit of the summer season. Featuring 9 exclusive tracks from progressive’s biggest artists, including Tegma, Vibrasphere, Ryan Halifax, Solead, Brisker & Magitman, Greed vs. Sonic Cube, Fitalic, Sonify and Rai, Lime Light 2 is a must for any fan of progressive music. With mastering by Charles Michaud (aka Solead / Triptych) and the usual fat cover booklet with bios and pictures of featured artists, Lime Light 2 is the complete package you have come to expect from Tribal Vision Records. Come and see what it is like to live in the Lime Light. Tracklist: 1.) Roman Rai – Inspiration 2.) Fitalic - Manufactured Miracles 3.) Ryan Halifax - Give & Get 4.) Tegma – 50.000 Watts 5.) Sonify - Groove Seductive 6.) Greed vs. Sonic Cube – Divine 7.) Brisker & Magitman - Strike Back 8.) Solead - Lay Down 9.) Vibrasphere – Floating Free Website: www.tribalvision.cz Contact: E-mail: slater@chaishop.com Phone: +420723065858 get it here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tvr/tvr1cd010.html
  6. Svihov, multicultural festival presented by Tribal Vision / Beef records, is held in medieval castle surrounded by beautiful lake. Venue photos: http://www.hrady.cz/show_pic.php?picnum=19709 Line-up: Progressive stage: Etnoscope (Flow records, SWE) LIVE Fitalic (Tribal Vision records NL) aDaM T (Australiens.net, AUS) Jason (Vibrating Balance, AUS) Roman Rai (Tribal Vision records, CZ) Slater (Tribal Vision records, CZ) Schwa (Tribal Vision/BEEF records, CZ) Psytrance stage: Deviant Species (Ambivalent records, UK) LIVE Mutant Star (CZ) LIVE Fractal (Surface Tension, CZ) LIVE Jeannie (AUS) Cymoon (Inpsyde media, CZ) MiM (Psytrance.CZ) Lola (Zero Point. CZ) Electro stage: The Doubtful Guest (IrritantRecords, SeedRecords, USA) LIVE MatKore (Subliminal Gonzo, UK) LIVE Mr6 (Anticat, UK) Roberdo (Mindsound records, DE) Serge D' (aka Phlp, FR) Touchwood (Kaktus.rec, CZ) Igraczech (Kaktus.rec, CZ) Breaks stage: Lucas Hulan (Roxy booking.CZ) Yannick (Breakbeat.CZ) Voita (Breakbeat.CZ) Kaplick (Breakbeat.CZ) Tranceformer (CZ) Live Band: U-Prag (Drum and Go, http://www.u-prag.cz) Beat Box Show: Jesus & Ivanhoe (Divadlo Archa,CZ) Decorations: Vytvarný Kroužek Čtvereček, Cybertronix, Tribal Vision, Alienjedna Visuals: Phase, Waldecke, Visual Division, Perplex, Mimo TV, Jarin Theatre: Spolek Disharmonie Teatro Plyšelíno Loutkové divadlo Kabaret Caligula Transport: By bus: There is a direct public bus from Prague or Pilsen to Švihov. For more info check http://www.idos.cz. By car: Svihov castle is about 20 km north from Pilsen on the way to Klatovy. There will also be numerous workshops and other non-musical entertainment to enjoy including massage, deco painting, a theater groups and a room dedicated to visuals and movies. Located approximately 50 km from the German border and promising the warm hospitality and cheap beer that the Czechs are becoming increasingly famous for. http://www.svihovfestival.cz (online on 1st of August). Poster, flyer: http://tribalvision.cz/svihov/2print/web_flyer_730.jpg http://tribalvision.cz/svihov/2print/web_flyerA5_1_730.jpg http://tribalvision.cz/svihov/2print/web_flyerA5_2_730.jpg http://tribalvision.cz/svihov/2print/web_posterA3_730.jpg
  7. Thats real sad Spiral Trax has always been, along with Digital Structures, my favourite label on the trance scene....still have most of 12"s released there... To keep myself on-topic - the most memorable releases for me would be probably the following ones: Atmos - Headcleaner Human Blue - Electric Roundabout Hux Flux - Lex Rex Perplex Thanks for the wonderful tunes in all these years!
  8. Finally out... http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tvr/tvr1cd009.html
  9. I dont want to make a cheap promotion for our label here, but try to listen to the remix of POTS he did for our Social Success Remixes cd....its after a long time a Human Blue track that really reminds me his old stuff
  10. check out the flyer guys: http://tribalvision.cz/quapim/taranis/web_letak_cz.jpg
  11. Chaishop guys are doing a really good job with their show...thx for the invitation. here´s the tracklist, btw: 1.) Rai - Inspiration /Tribal Vision/ 2.) Baggage Handlers - Vaportrail (Chris Micali's You Win Mix) /Aqua/ 3.) Space Safari - Rhytm Junk /Open Up/ 4.) Infusion - Natural (Stel's Therapeutic Dub) /Polaroid/ 5.) Miika Kuisma & Mr. A - Smoky Room (Parham & Dominic Plaza Remix) /Fokused/ 6.) Space Safari - Have to Change /Open Up/ 7.) MV - Mr. Roboto (Stef Vrolijk Remix) /Little Mountain/ 8.) POTS - Hello Kitty (Fitalic Remix) /Tribal Vision/ 9.) Sonic Cube - Cloud Buster (André Absolut Remix) /Tribal Vision/
  12. Hi, there is a mistake on Psyshop.com website, I already sent them an email to fix it. Hello Kitty remix is included as well and its remixed by Fitalic. So, this is the correct tracklist: 1) Crystal Cream (Rai remix) 2) Hello Kitty (Fitalic remix) 3) Trance Popper (Greed vs. Sonic Cube remix) 4) Bravo (Antix remix) 5) Botox Party (Parrket remix) 6) Groove Garden (Human Blue remix) 7) Eifelgold (Tegma remix) 8) Dandy Division (Side-A remix) 9) Tussy De Luxe (Elysium remix)
  13. Live: Vibrasphere (Digital Structures, Sweden) Sonic Cube (Tribal Vision Rec., Switzerland) Psyboriginal (Ketuh Rec., Australia) Digicult (USTA Rec. / Dacru, Belgium) Shuma (P.O.R.N. / Tribal Vision / Beef Rec., Croatia) Gondar (Trancedelic family, CZ) Fractal (Surface Tension, CZ) DJs: Steven (Hadshot, DE/HU) Glen C (Iboga Rec., UK) Nemesis (Transient Rec. / USTA Rec. / Dacru, Belgium) Hip (Shuma, P.O.R.N., Croatia) Rai (Tribal Vision Rec. / Solstice Rec., CZ) Slater (Tribal Vision Rec., CZ) Schwa (Tribal Vision/Beef records, CZ) Cymoon (Inpsyde Media/Sonic Distortion, CZ) Cyrax (Zero Point, CZ) Mim (Psytrance.cz, CZ) Pyramid (Psyalaska, SK) Chill : Shivanam live(ShivaTrance, CZ) U-prag live band (CZ) Psyla (Mystical waves, CZ) Deco psyalaska-Shantea (SK), bar and tearoom The festival takes place in the submerged quarry of Stary Klicov, near Domazlice town. The location is not far from German and Austrian borders. Please follow the signs from Domazlice town. location home page: http://www.lomecek.cz maps: http://www.lomecek.cz/MAPA.HTML pictures: http://www.lomecek.cz/LOM.HTML Entry fee: At the entrance: 20 ,- € for the whole weekend. Hotline +420 724 55 12 44 Organizer Zero Point, CZ The festival is held on a beautiful natural spot, ideal for bathing and diving activities (including diving bell). The sculpture symphosium will take place there in May and the sculptures themselves will be used for decorating the festival, too. A couple of workshops are also in plan. There will be a proffessional sound rented. Line-up is international and we would like invite all good people from all over the world. Come to meet good people, hear good music, drink good bear and dance, dance, dance. See you friends Web site will be launched in the half of April. More info coming soon... Email adam.houbar@seznam.cz
  14. you should expect it during this week for sure....now it depends only on Psyshop how fast they will be able to put it to the distribution net...
  15. here you can download a bit longer samples in better quality: http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/01.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/02.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/03.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/04.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/06.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/07.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/08.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Tegma/09.mp3
  16. Moni: I 100% agree with you and we already tried to argue with them about this issue, but they are not willing to change their policy anyway...
  17. actually they make the samples by themselves from the promo CD they received - I already asked them to fix it
  18. Psyshop samples are not really that representative I am afraid, these are only intros to each track We will post the good ones on monday
  19. The CD is out! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tvr/tvr1cd007.html We are looking forward to your reviews... Watch out also for Greed vs. Sonic Cube 12" that is coming out in late April...
  20. finally we changed the tracklist to get a better flow and also included one brand new track : 1.) Hide 2.) Last Jedi (feat. Sonnenvakuum) 3.) Cloud Buster (album mix) 4.) Amnesia 5.) Test 6.) Danger 7.) Microbes 8.) Xcute 9.) Astray (feat. Sabrina) Release date: 25.2.2006 samples: http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/01.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/02.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/03.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/04.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/05.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/06.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/07.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/08.mp3 http://tribalvision.cz/ukazky/Sonic_Cube/09.mp3
  21. Tribal Vision Records presents >> Sonic Cube - Filter << 1.) Sky 2.) Amnesia 3.) Cloud Buster 4.) Last Jedi (Sonnenvakuum remix) 5.) Hide 6.) Danger 7.) Microbes 8.) Xcute 9.) Astray (feat. Sabrina) Cat.no.: TVRCD007 Release date: February 2006 Cover art: Daniel Špaček - Embryo http://tribalvision.cz/zzz/covers/tvr007.jpg Tribal Vision Records is proud to present its first release in 2006 - second full-length album of Swiss progressive trance masters "Sonic Cube"! Project Sonic Cube was formed in 2003 by Daniel Müller, Ueli Schill and Tobias Wirz from Zürich. Daniel and Ueli are also known as producers from the progressive trance project Sonnenvakuum while Tobi is the man behind famous progressive house act Greed and the SOG record label. After their successful debut album on UK based Millenium Records and a busy outdoor season with live performances all around the world, Daniel and Ueli went back to the studio to work on its follower. Tobi recently left the Sonic Cube project to work on his solo album "Greed´s Temptation" that is going to be released on Swedish ACDC. Be prepared for a smooth ride through progressive landscapes! More info: http://www.tribalvision.cz http://www.soniccube.ch Booking and licensing requests: E-mail: slater@chaishop.com Phone: +420723065858 Samples coming soon!
  22. As far as I remember I had the same problem with that one. (Anyway, four years ago it was one of my most fav vinyls, you just turned me into nostalgic mood )
  23. Greetings! The first year of Tribal Vision Records is behind us and we would like to thank all of you for the big support we got. We tried to experiment a bit during the past months and actually now we have much brighter idea which path we would like to follow. Here you can see our plans for the next year, we will be really happy to get some feedback on it: CDs: Sonic Cube – Filter (second full-length album) POTS - Social Success Remixes (feat. Antix, Greed & Sonic Cube, Tegma, Human Blue, Ryan Halifax, Elysium, Rai, Parrket and the contest winner) Tegma – Around the World in 80 Minutes (third studio album, getting back to the original progressive trance sound, mixing it together with the elements of world music) Rai - tba (cd-s) Sonify - Sonifiles (debut album) & new V.A. progressive house/trance compilations 12": SAN & Sebastian Moore Greed vs. Sonic Cube Rai + tba remix Sonify + tba remix Wait also for some news about our sublabel for electro, downbeat and other freestyle stuff. Keep watching our website http://www.tribalvision.cz merry x-mas and happy new year Tribal Vision crew
  24. we´re happy to announce that the CD is out! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tvr/tvr1cd006.html enjoy and give us some reviews
  25. the 12" is out http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/tvr/tvr1ep001.html enjoy
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