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  1. http://twisted.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8595#8595 Posted by Prometheus: hello.....hope this finds y'all well. just putting out our feelers for an idea we've had......who likes the idea of coming to amsterdam in november/december for two nights of twisted parties? friday night would be a small affair with just d.j's, proably simon and benji and some local dutch talent. This would be a raw psy-techno bash with no frills just a dirty little twisted warehouse party!! saturday night would be held at the paradiso....amsterdams heart in terms of music venues. the line-up would be: shpongle(not live but hopefully more than a d.j set) younger brother (full seven piece band like at brixton academy) hallucinogen live prometheus live d.j set to finnish -may be we'll do a vote to decide who we get to d.j we are wondering whether people would be up for travelling for such an event. Flights to the dam are as little as £40 return from the u.k and its easily reached from all over europe. And for those of you in the U.S i assure you a weekend in amsterdam is something you have to do...imagine you spend the afternoon tasting the worlds finest herbs ,then pop into a smart bar and buy a selection of mind enhancing potions(yes even peyote is legal there) and cruise through car free streets to two nights of twisted records fun..... its just an idea at the moment.......but .....x If you're up for ot, log in and say YEAH!
  2. was this ever released, and if not, is it going to be? thx!
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