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  1. check the latest preview from yesterday night :-) http://www.speedyshare.com/592274511.html artha - undefined landscape
  2. i'm looking for a man which do for me a great ARTHA logo... someone is interest ? peace
  3. be good thing about remix - i sent you Diaks a PM :-) all the best for my listeners artha
  4. i listened the track. Aerosis.... many great sounds.......... really nice trip. great work !
  5. i listened the track. this is waht i love, really. i'm also like the old style of goa trance. i'm happy that are people what compose this style at this time, when the full on,dark style try to eat us :-) back to tune.... very melodic, sweet piece. great work afgin. keep work :-)
  6. years of work and many years before me.. new material is comming.... styles mixes..etc.... soon
  7. i forgot : here you have pictures from this party - AQUATICA [poland] http://www.staypsychedelic.pl/fusion/photo...ery.php?album=7
  8. yes morlock, i'm still active, be sure devilsmindboard <- i'm not active there now.... most on polish psytrance.pl,psynews.org a little bit on isratrance.com forum live in belgium ? that's would be great man take care
  9. when is the next party ? hmm... maybe in august, who knows
  10. cosmogenesis : i'm wait for answer from one good label.... rest you have in pm psyhoe : that was yesterday... :-) if i will have something i give you a sign
  11. artha - live set at aquatica party in poland - 02.05.2007 [goa-trance] download : http://artha.insidelamp.pl/music/ included tracklist. /artha
  12. downloading.... all the best for the artists from this compilation /artha [poland]
  13. nice compilation ! I'm waiting 4 full release :-)
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