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  1. ...Blue Room went out of business not because of the 'weirdness' they released. ... They went out of business because music industry - especially electronic - the 'now' lasts only a few years, or months.


    Pardon the slight off-topic; I haven't finished reading the thread but I wanted to correct a misapprehension here. According to what I was told at the time, Blue Room the psytrance label went out of business because B+W, their parent company, pulled their funding due to the extravagant advances Simon was paying his acts, which were not in proportion to the sales their releases were making. There is no reason for a business of any kind to fail if it can adapt to a changing market.


    Please, carry on presenting your opinions as if they are facts :)

  2. Hello people, just to let you know we've released a new psytrance live set, recorded at the Planet Shroom night in our hometown of Bristol on Jan 29th 2011. Hope you enjoy it!



    Please comment and share!


    Set List:

    Smoke A Lot - Organic Records 2006

    Eye Of The Beholder (Sonic Species remix) - unfinished/unreleased

    Durka Durka - Phar Psyde Records 2008

    Inner Inca - unreleased

    K.A.R.R. - unreleased

    Slang Thang (Amy's Birthday edit) - Phar Psyde Records 2008

    The Philosopher's Tone - unreleased

    Apollo, Son of Rifa - Phar Psyde Records 2008

    Starseeker (Crystal Skies '08 mix) - Phar Psyde Records 2008



    Colin Bennun - Keyboards, mix

    Steve Callaghan - Guitar, keyboards

    Ramsay Melhuish - Playback, samples, FX

    Ryokan Potier - Percussion


    I forgot to press 'record' until part-way into the set so 'Smoke A Lot' was not recorded live - I edited the first part of the track into the live recording to make it flow properly..

    Many thanks to Sean, Tom and Mark for inviting us to play, it was a fantastic night.

  3. OM Namah Shivaya track list

    1. Cosmic Key - clean trip

    2. Techtonic & Ejekt - just for kicks

    3. Headroom & Ejekt- The BFG

    4. Lucas Obrien & Dickster - Dirty Tackle

    5. Circuit Breakers - off yer head

    6. Multiman - way beyond

    7. Ghost Signal - Impulse response

    8. Ianuaria - knoff hoff

    9. Neuroplasm - Bewilderbeast

    10. Mole - the real drug

    11. Pandora - jungle

    12. CPU & Neko - Sakura



  4. Plate TechTonics track list:

    1. X Noise - rock n roll

    2. Canine Sounds - i like to party

    3. Olmec - alien love underpants

    4. Bruno Barudi & Victor Ruiz - smart + clever

    5. Chris James & Pedro Sanchez - vote for me (Superstrobe remix)

    6. Umek & Beltek - back in the race

    7. Sagan - above the rim

    8. Duca - juicy noises (Nord remix)

    9. Neelix & potter - good evening

    10. Nick Larson - numbers

    11. Robosapiens - bodies (hedflux remix)

    12. Hedflux - revolve

    13. Hedflux - rhythm prism

    14. Adaption n Neelix - Captain Hook (quantize remix)


    Steve, l really love your psy/eletro/house sets, i have been listening to peak and a few earlier psyhouse sets since 09, this set is another brilliant one, i am sure it will stay in my favorite set list for a long time, Keep up the good work !


    ps, any chance put up 320kbps versions in the future?


    Steve says: "thanks very much for your support, it's much appreciated. yes I can put future mixes up at 320kbps"

  5. Pardon my question, but did he have to share his profits with OOOD in this case?


    Legally, he had no reason to, as the stock was sold off to recoup the losses of the original company, and artists like us, who had licensed to Flying their copyrights that went into making that stock, were so far down the food-chain of creditors that we were never legally 'entitled' to anything from the fire-sale. However given that the rights to the music reverted to us on the demise of Flying and Cabbaged, and Shuki's subsequent selling of our work to the public in such numbers and at such prices, I feel that asking if he'd be willing to share in the proceeds was justified.

  6. It was Shu-ki who gave me the idea to give away our aLIVE album for free, before Basilisk took it up for Ektoplazm. Shu-ki had the last pressed copies of the CD which he'd bought off Flying Records distribution when they went bust, and was selling them as collectors items on his website for (I think, someone please correct me if I'm wrong) $144. He had over 50 of them. I wrote to him and asked him if there was any chance OOOD could share in the proceeds, seeing as we'd never been paid properly for the album when it was first released, and he said no.


    So after speaking to the guys in the band I encoded the album to MP3 and uploaded it to the world.

  7. Then there's another called Nervasystem. His album was pretty bad, and hardly had anything to do with goatrance, but all the compilation tracks, just massive acid work! His music is full of that old school soul that you can't find nowadays. He also released an album with an artist called aether but of course it turns out what they released before the album was also, again, simply better.


    Other notables, Venussian Illusion, Decoder, Stardust, Formasi Voices, Beyond Molecule 25.


    FYI Drezz aka Nervasystem is still involved in music - he has an oldschool valve/tape recording studio here in Bristol. He DJd his oldschool stuff in Israel in the last year or so and is considering going back to writing a little electronic music, possibly even trance. Don't get your hopes up though.

  8. Merry Christmas to all Bleepsters! Here's our present for you - OOOD live @ Jellyfish, recorded on Nov 20th in a psy-non-trance stylee and including loads of new music as well as some of our recent releases. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did performing it! Share and enjoy...


    Just to reiterate the warning - this is not a psytrance live set! There's a couple of proggy tracks in there but most of it is electro/tech house/breaks. I know some of you might not enjoy it but I also know that some of you will, so this is for you guys.




    Posted Image


    OOOD live @ Jellyfish, The Lab club, November 20th 2010



    Colin Bennun - keyboards, mix

    Steve Callaghan - guitar, keyboards

    Ramsay Melhuis - playback, FX

    Ryo Potier - percussion



    1. Oddball (original mix) - Broken Robot Records

    2. Little Big Life - unreleased

    3. Rock My Soul (original mix) - unreleased

    4. Tyger Tails - unreleased

    5. OOOD & Indidginus - Madame Blerta's Carnival - unreleased

    6. Oddball (Hedflux remix) - Broken Robot Records

    7. The Tube (Grow Your Own mix) - unreleased

    8. Frogology - Frogadelic Records

  9. I was wrong man. Colin OOOD just opened my eyes and now I regret what I wrote you: I just can't stop listening to your tracks and the Alien Jesus CD :) I have changed my expectations towards Eskimo, Wrecked Machines, the Infected Mushroom vocal-stuff and that full-on tracks that I used to say that destroyed the scene, and now I am enjoying all of them. You know what? I will ditch all my Goa CDs, my tech-trance tracks, the last Opsy stuff, Liquid Soul last tracks, I have changed my mind. Thanks to your (and OOOD's) pointing me you guys only make wonderful, really good, trance at its maximum, tracks. I was blind, really.


    Go in peace. You have made a fan here.


    Posted Image

  10. So you see, OOOD, it doesn't mind what you think or what I think. I may say I don't like "Alien Jesus", and yet, you may think it's great. You may say that Protoculture is your parameter for trancing out, and yet, I may think his music makes me down-to-earth in seconds.


    Point is: if you like it, and if you write you like it. I will respect your opinion (just like I do in every post I write here). And I expect the same from you.


    If you don't like it, and if you say so. I will respect your opinion also.The same rule applies here.

    Excellent, we agree! :) That's exactly what I was saying in my last post. It just sounded like you were trying to lay down rules for everybody about what was 'good' or 'bad', or about what was psychedelic or not, but obviously I was wrong. Of course it's fine to disagree, and to say whether or not you like something. Just don't diss other people for having other opinions :)


    About your comment about me learning from others on here who distribute free music... I have a present for you:

    http://www.ektoplazm...2008/oood-alive Hope you enjoy it! By the way, please call me Colin; 'OOOD' on it's own refers to the four of us in the band. Cheers!

  11. OOOD: I don't know about your pop career, wish you success.


    I think it's funny your last paragraph: you mean, you never ever disliked someone's work? A book? A movie? Clothes? etc...?


    Because, according to what you wrote, it's not the movie, the book, the clothes, that are not good. It's the taste and expectation of the one who buys, watches, wears it that is not well adjusted.


    If you agree, then I envy you. It must be nice to live a life where everything is beautiful, nice, charming. No ugly stuff anywhere around.


    Now, if you disagree, then can you elaborate your last line, please? Because, then, I and a thousand guys need to understand why "Alien Jesus", for instance, is a good work that was not decently appreciated by us.


    Heh it's not a career, not yet, just another outlet for the things inside me. One day maybe. But to your question - Sure, there's plenty of things I don't enjoy, but that doesn't mean they're 'bad'. If I enjoy something and someone else hates it, which one of us is right? BOTH of us, because in matters of taste and creativity, 'good' and 'bad' are not absolute and external, they come from inside us and we have no right to apply our standards to anyone else. Sure you can identify whether a piece of music is well-produced or not, but that doesn't necessarily have a bearing on the quality of the music represented by that production. And it's not a case of being 'well adjusted' or not; I will stand by your right to like - or not - any work of creativity you choose. You're an individual, with your own tastes. So am I.


    Just because I don't mistake my opinions for the facts, as it seems you do, doesn't mean that I don't find some things ugly, or that everything is beautiful and nice. But I'm aware that that's only my opinion of those things: my opinions are not necessarily the facts. Get this into your head and a world of sponteneity will open to you, beyond the rigid barrier of your expectations and prejudices.


    "Is Alien Jesus good"? Well it's not my favourite set of trance tracks for sure, but 'good'? I don't even believe that's a real question. Is a rose 'good'? How about if one of its thorns pokes your eye - is it still 'good'? The rose hasn't changed.

  12. OOOD: as long as I am free to say my opinion on your teen-pop trance release if I don't like it, you are welcome too.


    Who said it would be anything to do with trance? I'm talking pure pop. :lol: I've already done a few things like this in the last few years, and will probably do more; although psytrance holds the biggest place in my heart I was a performing musician for 10 years before psy found me in 1994, and I never have - and never will - limit myself just to one genre.


    The main point is though - you don't get to choose what I (or Protoculture) does, and it's your expectations that cause your disappointment, not our music.

  13. Hey Colin, greate video. It reminds me that we had here in Moscow along time agoooo:)

    And thanks you for all superb tracks;)


    You're welcome, it's our pleasure :) But... maybe I misunderstand your message, but we hever played live like this in Moscow or anywhere in Russia; the first time we played in your country was April 2009! Is that the time you mean?


    Mars... big thanks.

  14. Also, is that Laughing Buddha in the stripey t-shirt?


    I'm not sure, it could be hey. It could also be a friend of ours Simon, who was a fan for a long time before he became Steve's boss at work. It's a bit dark to tell... but if it's either of them I think it's probably Jez, after all we know for sure he was actually there at the time!

  15. I hope they will come to Belgium, OOOD or Voice of Cod, soon.


    I hope so too! We're open to offers ;) Thanks so much for your kind words.


    FYI, our live shows incorporate much more live percussion than our recordings; we make our tunes in the studio in much the same way that many other acts do, and then add the liveness on top when we perform. Also, the way we perform now is very different from how we used to do it in the 1990s; I'm making a new thread for a video of a live set from that time, just for the nostalgia.

  16. High all...I posted this in the thread that Insejn started about our Oddball release, but I thought it would be worth putting here too. You can now download or stream OOOD's live performance on the main floor at Boom Festival 2010 from my Soundcloud page. I don't know if you can embed the Soundcloud player here, but here's the link:






    The first 30 minutes of this recording is the live soundtrack to "Grow Your Own", a film by Anita Shukla - www.anitashukla.com .This version plays at the correct speed!


    Track listing:

    1. Oddball (Original mix) - Broken Robot Records

    2. Little Big Life - Unreleased

    3. Eye Of The Beholder (feat. Ott) - Organic Records

    4. The Tube (Grow Your Own mix) - Unreleased

    5. Frogology - Frogadelic Records

    6. Durka Durka - Phar Psyde Records

    7. Inner Inca - Unreleased

    8. The Philosopher's Tone - Unreleased


    Keyboards/Mix - Colin Bennun

    Guitar/Keyboards - Steve Callaghan

    Percussion - Ryo Potier

    Playback/FX/Samples - Ramsay Melhuish


    In conjunction with the filmmaker Anita Shukla we're very pleased to be able to include the 30-minute film "Grow Your Own" as a part of the OOOD/Voice of Cod live/DJs offering to festival and party promoters looking for something eclectic and psychedelic beyond the Industry Standard rinse-and-repeat. If you're an event organiser and you want something special to engage the eyes as well as the dancing feet, and to make people think as well as feel, please contact us for more details.

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