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  1. The actress Siena Miller is a bit of a psy fan, having been seen at various free parties in the UK. She and George Barker were an item at one point. There's also Bruce Parry, who made the Tribe (aka Going Tribal) TV documentary series - there's photos of him at the front of the Origin Stage dancefloor at Glade festival...

  2. He was a very clever man, a visionary technologist, a good judge of design and an exceptional salesman. He was also apparently a bully and a tyrant in the workplace, traits which found their echos in the aggresively litigious and acquisitive behaviour of his company. He was a monopolist who, despite having dropped acid and despite referring to himself as a buddhist, kept his billions to himself and gave none to charity. His company's products were amongst the most obvious examples of built-in obsolescence whose attractive exterior design hid an interior that was intentionally difficult or impossible for the user to fix on their own, even for something as simple as changing a battery. Like many companies, Apple's product development and marketing rollout were designed specifically to entice people to spend again and again and again in the unnecessary and wasteful pursuit of technological fashion. He also denied paternity of his daughter for quite a few years.


    There is a hippy bullshit theory which says that cancer is caused by stress... his internal life must often have been difficult for him and for that he has my sympathy, as do his family and close friends. RIP Steve Jobs.

  3. So let me understand you correctly. The " Good luck with that" comment mean that according to you there is nothing to "complain" about and people "complaining" got it all wrong and Ott is a God in the studio?


    So let me understand you correctly. You chose a particularly extreme interpretation of my words and based your reply to them on trying to make out I'm being unreasonable and petulant?


    There really is nothing to complain about WRT Ott's engineering/production skills. He's a recording engineer from the old-school days and has as close to 'golden ears' as anyone I've worked with. I wouldn't say he's 'a God' (your words) but then I wouldn't say that about anyone :) No-one's forcing you to enjoy what he does, but if you want to go on a campaign against how he uses vocals in the music he writes, 'good luck with that', as I think that judging from the amount of time he spends on tour, there's only very slightly many many more people who would disagree with your opinion.

  4. Yes, Younger Brother's singing is indeed a disaster. I even had to fastforward thru some tracks, then it's really bad.


    But according to Colin he's a great guy ;)


    You're getting confused here, try actually reading what other people write. Nick doesn't sing on Younger Brother tracks. Ruu does. I don't know Ruu, never met him, although I'm sure the people who know him think he too is a nice bloke and Posford obviously thinks he's a good singer. YB's new direction is a bit bland for me - other bands do this kind of thing much better and more interestingly IMO - although the vocals work well enough given their context (and as long as you make an effort not to associate their new material with what they used to sound like).


    It's also worth remembering that the vocals on Ott's album are heavily edited and processed, and - as has been said above - are treated much more like an instrumental layer than a story-telling, intelligible vocal line. If you don't like the way Nick's voice sounds on Ott's music, what you're actually complaining about is Ott's production and writing style. Good luck with that.

  5. I was just wondering if anyone could answer me - who is the vocalist who is to blame for many of the tracks in Younger Brother's Vaccine and in Ott's track Adrift in Hilbert Space (from Mir)?


    Is it a vocalist called "Naked Nick", as stated in a review I read on these boards? Who is he? Where can I get more information about him? I have never heard a vocalist which I dislike more than this guy. It's amazing, it's like I am allergic to his voice. I'd really like to know what else he's done, so I can avoid his work.


    Thanks for any info you can offer.


    The vocalist on Adrift in Hilbert Space is indeed Naked Nick... I'm not that familiar with the tune (heard it a couple of times and don't remember being too offended) but Nick himself is a very talented guy - singer, acoustic guitarist and - especially - chillout DJ. Also a very lovely bloke, very gentle.
  6. Tandu






    Out: OOOD


    I hate you, Olly*.



























    *not really. Or at least, not very much and not for very long.

  7. Hi <nametag>, this is the OOOD promo team here, we'd like to really thank you for showing an interest in OOODCorp's products and info-casts. Colin and the guys would love to thank you personally but they're busy right now at the botox clinic, however if you want to send us your postal address we'll send you a photo of the OOOD bandmember of your choice with a real reproduction signature and customised greeting.


    Thanks again <nametag>! Make sure you keep in touch with us on OOODCorp's Facebook page!

  8. I think what happened with the financial bullshit in the beginning totally typical of performing electronic music. I think many people believe that Composing and DJing this music is all sweet and smiles. But, they don't know the dark side. The side that makes you want to choke the promoter or the sound guy or the DJ before you. They don't know the financial, mental, and physical disasters that lurk around each gig. But, I must say, you guys rock. You have to see it from my perspective as a DJ in S.F. . Psychic Deli releases Deck Wizards 001 - compilation vinyl. wtf? Do you know how much vinyl dj's despise multitrack pressings? the sound quality is in the gutter. too many tracks means smaller tracks to squeeze on the disc so when you mix from an EP or Single to LP or Complilation it is like someone hit the amp in the balls. Anyway, VA-comps were the reason that the whole thing failed. But, we were so picky when we got records, so we see a major player like flying rhino (flying dung) really all the releases they had and only a few good. Like Unconscious Collective--fucking rocked. Then Psychic Deli with Deck Wizards -- Goa Gil??? Could not even look psychic deli seriously again. And Kundalini is a pseudonym for tehnossomy released on top of your Kundalini and btw another thing about Goa...you see how much Religious symbolism flooded the market. snake, kundalini, slinky wizard, prana, chakra, spiritual this and spiritual that. I don't give a shit about religion. Especially a horrific one of inequality and murder. Please, enough with the Hindu bullshit.

    Then your Krishna-like label gets shredded or should I say cabbaged. But not in the good way. So you see, of your releases, I own Unconscious Collective. Who I had no idea was you until now.

    And as you state, you don't know if what you write today would be considered Goa Trance except to a few. I think that you know exactly what happened with the Goa Trance scene. It ridden like a 2 dollar whore in a 10 dollar part of town. It was played out like Disney Land. It wasn't killed, it committed suicide. The only chance your gonna see is if BRAHMA LAND opens up in Florida. Next to Jesus Land. It is done. You know it, I know it, we all know it. That is crucial. Goa was a marketing strategy, as you know marketing = death of all that is holy. Let's be honest, shall we. It was and is all about getting high and listening to music. Who really had some religious experience that can be aligned with Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam. Jainism, Taoism, Scientology, etc.? No one. Why, because anyone who learned anything on this psychedelic circus knows that those are all control mechanisms and what we know as spiritual enlightenment is that it is indescribable. And, therefore, irreligious.

    What we need to do is stop the denial of drugs. The stigma that we cover up with religion and spirituality leads us away from our path. One big part of this path, I know is true for all of us that enjoy, especially this music, is the need to destroy the drug stigma. Drugs are not bad. M'KAY. shit you had a cabbaged Krishna on your first album. what kind of cognitive dissonance is that? Let's all evolve and lose the whole Goa stigma. IMO.


    Ok so that's your opinion - a very cynical, glass-half-empty-so-I'm-gonna-throw-the-rest-away opinion. I'm sorry you never got out of the music and the scene what there was to get when it was being given in the original spirit of the now-cliché PLUR. But that doesn't mean it was never there for others. The 'stigma' is purely in your own head, and if you can see that then you'll be able to let go of whatever it is inside you that makes you angry when you see other people discussing things like this. But in the meantime, and as I've said before, please carry on mistaking your opinions for irrefutable facts if that pleases you.


    And no, we never had a Krishna of any kind on our first album artwork; we've never had any religious imagery at all where we've had a choice. The original art for aLIVE was designed by someone else, and we never had a choice or any input. (It's a cabbaged Shiva Nataraj, anyway, not a Krishna).

  9. From what I have researched, the majority of "Goa" artists have disappeared. And if an artist does still exist, they no longer produce Goa trance. So, if you are waiting for a re-emergence of Goa Trance, I think your wait is in vain.


    With respect, this whole thread is about aspects of the re-emergence of the Goa Trance sound, which everyone else writing here seems to take for granted is actually happening, if in some small way and gradually over a period of years. And it seems obvious to me that the majority of people writing music in any genre of music will no longer be doing so 12-15 years later. I don't know if what we do nowadays would be called Goa Trance, but then not all of our output in the 90s would be recognisable now to people who only have a small, well-defined pigeonhole in their heads labelled 'Goa Trance'. But there is most definitely a direct connection for us between the music we write nowadays and the music we wrote back then.



  10. You are absolutely right. Simon invited Frank'e from KoxBox to go to Goa with him. All expenses and the ticket paid by Blue Room. I 100% understand why they decided to close down Blue Room Released. But maybe they should have fired Simon instead :)


    I was told the band got given cars as part of their advance for Dragon Tales.
  11. Thanks OOOD for this information. I stand corrected. Anyway, BR went out of business for monetary reasons, not for the quality of their releases - which, by the way, are gorgeous to this day.


    The monetary reasons were nothing to do with their sales - I may be wrong but my memory is of Blue Room being one of the biggest-selling trance labels of the time due to its marketing and the sheer quality of acts on the label - but to an 'interesting' management style.
  12. They missed a trick here IMO. From the number of people on this little forum alone who have said they would have bought one had it been about £100, it seems to me that if Twisted had decided to keep the price to that level there's a fair chance the Shpongle Mask could have made it into a relatively high-volume, high-sales item, bringing them more money and increasing Twisted's marketing reach. Even without Shpongle's logo on it, it would turn every mask-owner's wall into an advert for the label, and might even have started to accrue a symbolic value beyond indicating affection for a mere band.

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