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  1. I know i know, but the pressing is awful like the rest of the Mad Tribe picture discs! Waste of money
  2. Hello there.. im only buying and listening to vinyls so i have some leftovers from the early and late golden days of prog trance laying around just collecting dust.. I only sell them together. All is in a decent condition, a few has a crack in jewel case but plays very fine all of them! Price : 50 euro + shipping Solar Kid - Sint Etik Antix - Cavalier VA - Uncharted Timedrained - Dilemma Vertex - Ocean VA - Binaural Beats 2 V-Tunes - Variable Sonic Cube - Sonic Cube VA - Irresistible Meltdown vol. 2 Sonnenvakuum - Phonotonie Oliver Jones - Picking Up The Pieces D-Nox & Beckers - Distance Atmos - Tour de Trance Haldolium - H2 VA - Wireless Antix - Wandering + DVD Remixes J&B Project - Monkey Business Cafu - Wake Up Float - Liquid Jabba - National Tunes Sonic Cube - Filter
  3. Infected Mushroom - The Gathering Reissue Vinyl Price is a bit too crazy if you ask me! https://www.merchadvice.com/en/product/the-gathering-triple-lp-box-set-reissue-limited-edition-colored-vinyl/
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