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  1. Hello fellow psytrancers, i'm amazed by son kites each track. But i can't find any other artists sound similar, can anybody share their knowledge ? thx
  2. thank you, yeah you're right, it's not an office job to be into frames.
  3. thank you so much, i'm having my first gig and fraking out. preparing set for 7 hours... i have several questions i'll be so thankful if you could answer: 1. Do you mix your tracks in key? And if so do you use circle of fifths to change the key? 2. Are you getting ready cue points for buildups and etc? And what soft do you use? 3. And if you’re first dj to start, do you start with an ambient track or straight with intense basseline and kick with longer intro? 4. what’s bpm range you use( example: start 135bpm and end set to 145 ? )
  4. Hello everyone, as i couldn't find someone posting same opened this post. my question is : can you mix fullon track with progressive track if they fit together and have same flow? thanks
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