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  1. Shivax - Eye of Odin Like dat frOMage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGJQnDm8bCk
  2. This is true and it is called PDC (Plugin delay compensation). Problem is, that it has its limitations and is (in my experience) not accurate enough for psybass in many DAWS. At least in Cubase, Ableton, S1 and Bitwig (all DAWs that I worked with). Just try and set up a basschannel with some processing. Bounce. Zoom in.
  3. Ok I ´ll try and actually contribute to Basslines. - Printing to audio: [disclaimer: you should trust in your ears, not in the visual feedback] Every plugin (including synth) will introduce latency to the channel its on, meaning audioevent of a note will begin shortly after the beginnig of the midi note. While this can be wanted and sound nice, in my experience it is more often not the case. Introducing more plugins will aggrevate the problem. In a worst case scenario audio from notes will clash with the transient of the next notes and more often with the kicks transient.
  4. This guy made incredibly informative and indepth tutorials. I have pretty much the same story like you regarding Ableton Live
  5. Just in case you´re more or less starting out producing and here to find out what you need for that killargh psybass you might consider this info, if not - skip it. Short Version: Hi I´new here.Now why is it that there is so many information on how to make your kb kbbb psytrancebass (and indeed every other goabass),the process is described to be easy - yet it is hard to get sounding pro like Boris Blenn? It´s because beside the fact thatmost information is indeed helpful if you take it as optional - the main goal is not getting to know all techniques,but enable yourself to listen pro
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