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  1. The way to feed the world is to stop eating meat, so all the area used on animal food and animals in general can be used for human food. It takes a lot more land and water to produce meat than plants.
  2. Because the cows in the milk industry are mostly inside, the cows have to have calfs to get milk, so they get inseminated and when the calf is born its taken from its mother. They get explotied by humans all their lives, and is killed when they are about 4 years. Cows have a normal potential ifespan of 20 years. Also a lot of milk prevent the absorption of iron and contains hormones. There is no disadvantage of using plant based milk in food or to drink. I cook a lot.
  3. Uptempo: 01. RA - Earthcall (Suntrip Records) ☆ This is the only 2016 album release that I own
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