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  1. I was on facebook - Then suddenly they blocked my Jamie Moonweed account telling me that I wasnt allowed to call myself Moonweed - So I tried changing it to something similar - still a no go ! In the end I got really fcuked off and changed it to S Posford as a joke Thinking I could change it again - but NO So I have to wait 60 days to change it again !!!! - [wankers ] My Moonweed Artist page is still up though and also my Jamie Salamander page - so all is not lost PS. If anyone can get to OSLO Norway on Saturday 7th March - I'm doing an album launch party - Come along ! - Details To Follow When Finalized Chill out party the next night
  2. Hey guys can I just say that without Tal and his Label Anjuna Records this [my album] would never have been released. Tal has a high powered full time job and a wife and now a newly born child - he devotes as much of his precious little spare time that he has into finding and releasing the original rare Goa/Psy music and making parties. Tal does NOT make any money out of this and purely does this out of the love of this PRE-overproduced same old - same old, copy cat, generic trance that exists now ! The scene DiD have positive vibes back then and all the labels worked together as a family.... He clearly stated that pre orders were available a month before the release date - for a reduced price & digital downloads is something he is looking into. Please chill out guys - you are in danger of losing a valuable label releasing rare old tunes at this rate !! Peace Out Jamie MoonWeeD
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