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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much to both of you :-)
  2. Then finally came Friday the 13th of October and Fluorotronik finally got officially released. Now available as a free (or pay-what-you-want, if you feel like it) download and CD (only 9€ +shipping) from Bandcamp: https://tranceformrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fluorotronik 9 tracks of pure, night-time energy. RAWWWWWWWWR!!
  3. Thanks a lot for the positive comments! I have to say that I'm honestly happy with the compilation too, I think it holds even today thematically and productionwise. The only WTF -moment for me was when I read through the liner notes (of the CD version), after having dug out the original production masters, and noticed what clumsy English I had written, but then I thought that I won't rewrite anything just to keep the original feeling intact and keep the "punk rock" attitude. So atleast it's authentic and pure now :-D
  4. Thanks! Feels good to finally have it out, now the release is no mystery to anyone anymore :-)
  5. It's no bullshit, Fluorotronik is finally coming out. Good things take some time, huh? ;-) Why the delay some people ask? I (the owner of Tranceform Records) just lost the appetite for this kind of music in 2005 due to many factors. Luckily there have been so many new labels keeping the Goa-trance alive. During this time I've been doing a lot of different things, musicwise I've been pretty active by running an industrial/gothic club night for 10 years/92 events (the club then "reincarnated" as a Podcast focusing on alternative electronic music: https://synapsi.info), joined an industrial/EBM band (http://kuroshiomusic.com), other than that there's been work, university, becoming a father and all kinds of things. Anyway, Fluorotronik will be released this upcoming Friday 13th of October as a CD (for a small price) and as download (free/pay-what-you-want). Pre-orders, that give instant access to 2 of the tracks, are currently available on Tranceform's Bandcamp page: http://tranceformrecords.bandcamp.com/. Bandcamp doesn't allow zero-price digital pre-sales so therefore the minimum price for pre-order digital version is set at 0.5€, but it will be made 0€ once the compilation is officially released. Thanks a lot everyone so far for the support, it's been really amazing to see that even after 12 years so many people from Belgium, Poland, Germany, Romania, Japan, Holland, France, Finland, Israel, Sweden, US, Switzerland and Denmark have instantly pre-ordered the compilation :-)
  6. Oh, I posted the link to the original Blissful Moments topic before I noticed this one ;-) Anyway, the old CD releases by Tranceform are now all available through Ektoplazm (free of charge!): http://www.ektoplazm.com/label/tranceform-records - made from original production masters (audio and artwork), so no need to have those dodgy warez-MP3's laying around in case you missed the original CD releases back in the day. Thanks to everyone for the support and downloads at this point! It's pretty overwhelming to see that so many people are still interested in the Tranceformed releases, every release has gotten 750-1000 downloads in just a few days :-)
  7. The CD version that was released back in 2003 has been sold out for quite some time (10 years?). But now the digital version is available since last Monday through Ektoplazm, and it's FREE of charge: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/blissful-moments The digital version is the real thing, made from original production masters (audio and artwork). Enjoy! (A pretty old topic, huh? ;-))
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