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    Full-on Gruop

    @K-BAN Come an share with us some old stuff:)
  2. Hey. I would love to expand my knowledge of the genre and discover new/old tracks, as long as the melody and bass are kickin. Join to share what you know and love. Thanx and May the force be with you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/748449025275474/
  3. maor


    Thank you day tripper! Here is what i got so far: 00:00 Holymen - Sicko Leako 2:45? 4:26 Holymen - Last Universe (End All Remix) 7:50 Holymen - Etno Trance 13:50 Agneton - De Wereldoverbrugger 16:43 Agneton - Nix Zo Zot Als Nitzhonot (demo) 20:00 Agneton - Eden Ahead 24:00 agneton jurassic attack 26:05???? 31:00? 32:00 Persistent Aura - I Ching
  4. maor


    Hi:) This is pretty easy, i need the track list of this set https://soundcloud.com/shmuel-dahan/nitzhogoa-set-lag-bomer Thanks!!
  5. HI:) https://soundcloud.com/maor-e/newschool-goa-set https://soundcloud.com/maor-e/nitzhogoa-short-set Let me know what you think. enjoy
  6. maor

    hard 2 find

    wow!! thank you very much imba:)
  7. maor

    hard 2 find

    yes very powerful one.. thank you.
  8. maor

    hard 2 find

    Hi. I have been looking for the name of this track for a couple of years now here is the set it starts around 1:02:00 till the end/ thanx!
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