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  1. Thanx a lot guys for your support....just working on and checking graphics now. Any artists, designers or recommendations welcome. Hey @ Reger...you are right mate...you can keep some of the people happy some of the time but Psychaos wont even try to keep all of the people happy all of the time..!! Thanx for the feedback on the new tune too....we are gonna need that feedback to hone in on 'that' sound. Psychaos is working on a retro live set for EXIT FESTIVAL next week. So it might be quiet for a week or so .. catch you soon..!!
  2. hi all... so ... where will psychaos go..what will its sound be like..?? Psychaos and "JOTi" are one and the same .. stopping Psychaos and starting JOTi was a conscious decision to adapt to the changing times of the psychedelic scene in and around the beginning of 2000. All Jotis works had been archived, all the samples, sysex sounds and atari cubase songs saved and over the years these were slowly transfered to ableton/logic pro on the mac. During the process of re-engineering and remixing of the old Psychaos project it has been an eye opening, re-schooling experience laying the gro
  3. BREAKING NEWS... PSYCHAOS RECORDS is nearly ready to roll ..!! Schedule : PSYCHAOS - CHRONOLOGY Around 20 tracks of Psychaos from 1993 to 2003. This double album will contain unreleased tracks, mixes and versions of all the classics you know and love. Will be re-mastered_(no loudness wars here_max -11 to -10 db RMS) This collectors double album archive will be released on Psychaos Records on CD and will contain a 12 page booklet full of interesting facts and techniques involved in the making of these tracks. ------------------------------------------- PSYCHAOS
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