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  1. Our website is down at the moment... Fixing it as we speaking, uploading new engine and new tracks... It should be back online within 1 week max. I.P.A will be available beginning of june 2008 to make you trip all summer long. Demos will be on line at release date. Price: 9,00 Euros or 9O cents for single tracks. Nabi-records have been dedicated to give you new sounds for the past 4 years and hopefully will continue with your support.
  2. Title: International Psytrance Association Catalog Number: nabidr002 Tracklist: 1) Sickuence - Temporarely Insane [7'20"] 2) Karash vs Baphomet Engine - Freaky Ranch [7'41"] 3) Karash - Guerrier Sonic [7'48"] 4) Kalilaskov AS - April 26 [6'08"] 5) Quarantine - Shrooms [6'06"] 6) Gappeq - Bungula [7'58"] 7) Kalilaskov AS vs Select Project - Eliza Roza 8) Chipset vs Necropsycho - Necrochipsycho [7'20"] 9) Quarantine - Holiday Horror [5'30"] 10) Psychoz vs Netrosystem vs Aremakki - The Devils Lake [7'56"] Mastering by Préférence Mastering (Charles Michaud) We very happy to present our first digital format compilation: I.P.A. Featuring well known NABI artists such as Kalilaskov AS, Sickuence and new friends such as Karash, Gappeq, Quarantine as well as Psychoz, Netrosystem and Aremakki. I.P.A will be on line at the end of May 2008 Complete compilation or each track in a single format. This new release is focusing on night time psytrance in the original NABI spirit: Dedicated to make you trip harder!!! More Info about NABI and the Artists on: www.nabi-records.com
  3. For Psytrance Lovers, else, better pass your way before you feel sick and start throwing up on your 200$ Nike Shoes;) http://www.nabi-records.com/index.php?act=...mp;productId=88 100% free - High Speed Server Peace
  4. Let’s start the new year with a new addition to our Digital Releases: Psytrance is Dead! This split album was released in October 2006. Featuring 2 major projects, nabicd005 was born from the collaboration of Baphomet Engine (Brazil) and Datakult (france). “Psytrance is Dead!” was design as a real split albums where each project was given the opportunity to express themselves. Including remixes, split tracks and individual works, “Psytrance is Dead!” reflects all the talent and energy of Night Psy Trance with no compromises. Baphomet Engine and Datakult chose the title them self, expressing their hate for the system and the lost of spirit in the scene. This split albums really gives the BEST of both projects and a real definition of Psytrance. Of course Psytrance is not Dead, only fools would take this title 1st degree and not see the real message in it: “Psytrance is Dead!” celebrates the full power of psychedelic music. For this release, we had the chance to have Neil Hague do our artwork cover…. This was a great honor to have Neil collaborating on this project and making us such a meaningful cover… The CD release comes with a 8 pages folding booklet, for collectors. Mastering by Charles Michaud (Préférence Mastering). No bull shit, this is a MUST HAVE for any fan of night music and a great way to complete your Baphomet Datakuly Discography just in case you miss a few originals Demos & More Info: http://nabi-records.com/index.php?act=view...mp;productId=75 Peace
  5. The Year is not even over yet.... What about all the December releases?? How can you digest 1 year of music without taking some time for all releases to be out and listen to them? Can't you wait for January 2008 to post "Best of 2007" :wank: ...Seems logical. And also, wouldn't it be nicer to name it : "Your best top whatever" since it only reflects personal opinions/tastes and in noways reflect the reality of the market (no offense). Peace See, I'm chilling
  6. My advice Ckeck Labels such as: Parvati Records Tantrum Records Manic Dragon Recs Definitely psy! imo
  7. Dam, I was reading back and .....Yes, you are so right. I'm rude, so rude..... To the point I totally forgot about the 3 magic words!!!!! Oh My God.... What a shame for me. Already I loose the meaning of RESPECT... Then I forgot about the 3 magic words... Pfff, I guess I'm an hopeless case of social disease :clapping: So , Please, be cool and apologize for the rude person I am and please, High Spirited One, let me tell you the 3 magic words: UP YOUR ASS!!!!!! Ooops, maybe not the one you were expected, simple freedom of choice! Could not resist, way tooo easy, I know No shit... Don't talk about stuff you know nothing about. Respect when you the first one to say the music is shit is being totally disrespectful of the artists involved (and since I do respect them, I will not tolerate comments like yours) and not even, but the post subject itself about artwork and not music you can(t even respect.... So keep your cheesy definition of respect for you, it ain't mine. You truly are a sad joke..and yes, about Gays: I think, in my personal opinion, that the music they like/listen/promote is very often shit, like some prog/minimal/techno/house all mixed up, if you see what I mean. But it's just my point of view, after all. And , to finish, thanks a lot, been a long time I could not have such a laugh on this forum because of some e-tards. Users like you and stupid non constructive comments should be simply banned, imo.
  8. Definitely not for fucks that "concentrates on the Minimal Techno/Tech-House side of Electronic music." ...Bro, this is PSYTRANCE, no techno, minimal tech house whatever shit for e-tards!!! You are in the wrong forum: look at the name PSYnews: about psychedelic music.... no techno/minimal whatever Ha ha ha...you made my day. Thanks Yes: Another cover I really like and I know you gonna guess the music is nowhere that good.... I dedicate this one to you..... You are the clear reason why Psytrance is dying.... Go pollute somewhere else with your Minimal Techno/Tech-House for gays !!! Psytrance rules! ha ha ha
  9. Artist: LoopSDesign25 LaBel: NABI Back cover of DMT 2
  10. ++Complementary infos:++ Shanti Funky Special Guest: * TRACK 03 Written and Produced by Los 3 Babas: Chipset, Dj zoim and Lois. * TRACK 04, Guitar Played by Andreh Torres aka Bash / Kernel Panic @ Psyhamaa Labs (Baphomet Base02). My fault for not having mention it on the original post
  11. We are very proud to announce our Special Christmas Digital Release: * Artist: Psyhamaa (brazil) * Title: Shanti Funky * - Traklisting: (1) - Bring Her To You (147 bpm) (2) - Shanti Funky (150 bpm) (3) - Tri Crazy Babas (153 bpm) (4) - Hardcore Nights on Meskalin (155 bpm) * Format: EP (4 tracks) * Artwork: LoopsDesign (france) * Mastering: Preference Mastering (france) Tagline: When the freaks meets with Aliens what do they do? They party hard!!!! Psyhamaa brings some twisted fresh tunes to make all creatures of the night dance and unite with pure energy from the Amazonian forest mixed with alien technologies. Crazy sounds for a crazy trip, SHANTI FUNKY will be available for the Christmas holiday season!!! More info : www.nabi-records.com
  12. Our website is under construction at the moment, it should be available within a few days, sorry for that... We put some demos online on our myspace untill our new website is online. Thank's. http://www.myspace.com/nabirecords
  13. Infect Insect, in my opinion, is a good example: unless in the right state of mind to appreciate it, it does sound like pure chaos to anyone but in the right state, it does speak directely to your inner brain ... hehe
  14. Release date: December 6th, 2007 500 Copies limited edition. WOODEN MONSTERS Warriors of the Acid Forest Behind this new name in the scene hides a fresh collective project. When 3 upcoming underground projects join forces to create a new generation of psychedelic music, it gives birth to Wooden Monsters.Wooden Monsters is made of :Acid Goblins (Ádám Szigeti & Gergely Bocsi), Haunted Castle (Gerő Hortobágyi & Gergely Bocsi) and Psybetyárok (Gerő Hortobágyi & Csaba Kerekes), Wooden Monsters brings the best of each projects in very psychotic tracks dedicated for open air party and night time.This new collective project articulates on friendship, respect and pleasure. Creating a very vibrating energy dedicated to make the dance floor reach new levels in one way or another...Wooden Monsters set the right tune and the mood for a freaking trip in the deepest area of the mind. WOODEN MONSTERS Warriors of the Acid Forest 1. Intro - 1'33" 2. Haunted Castle - Maszlag (150 bpm) - 7'05" w+p:Gergely Bocsi & Gero Hortobágyi 3. Acid Goblins - Don't Panic (150 bpm) - 6'18" w+p:Ádám Szigeti & Gergely Bocsi 4. Haunted Castle - Echoes Of An Earthly Hell (150 bpm) - 8'00" w+p:Gergely Bocsi & Gero Hortobágyi 5. Psybetyárok - Ostor In Your Face (153 bpm) - 7'09" w+p:Csaba Kerekes & Gero Hortobágyi 6. Acid Goblins - Ciklois (148 bpm) - 6'33" w+p:Ádám Szigeti & Gergely Bocsi 7. Psybetyárok - Runaway Bulldozer (150 bpm) - 7'34" w+p:Csaba Kerekes & Gero Hortobágyi 8. Wooden Monsters - Psy Hussar (152 bpm) - 7'43" w+p:Ádám Szigeti & Gergely Bocsi & Gero Hortobágyi & Csaba Kerekes 9. Wooden Monsters - Kerítésszaggató (152-165 bpm) - 7'13" w+p:Ádám Szigeti & Gergely Bocsi & Gero Hortobágyi & Csaba Kerekes 10. Wooden Monsters â013 Smoking Skills (158 bpm) - 7'24" w+p:Ádám Szigeti & Gergely Bocsi & Gero Hortobágyi & Csaba Kerekes Mastering by Mastering Préférence Digipack Artwork: Loops Design Worldide Distribution : www.wirikuta.at © Nabi-records-2007 More info and demos on www.nabi-records.com
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