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  1. Thank you all *blushes*. I hope I will be able to meet your expectations :)




    Those Talking Machines will get released on the Stone Age compilation: Nordic Mythology, and if for some reason they dont release that compilation, then that track have defenetly a spot on my K.O.B. album (One of my favourites K.O.B. tracks). As for the These Talking Walls: there are i think 6 remixes now. One of them will be on the album. I have to finish the Filteria album first before I finish all the K.O.B. stuff.


    Take care / Jannis

    Thanks very much, I'm really looking forward for all this stuff, hoping that "These Talking Machines" will be released this year!

  2. Really great stuff, both the KoB style and the new Filteria,huge stuff.


    I just have a question? Will KoB's Those Talking Machines e These Talking Walls will ever see the light?


    The first one (that is a great atmospheric track) was supposed to be released in a Stone Age compilation last year, but I knew nothing about it after it was announced.

    What about the other one, will it ever be released?

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