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  1. Just listened to No Way Wrong, great track, really! Do you also used sidstation? Listening to the track I think I found some sid (c64 sound processor) sounds, I really hope this track will be released!

  2. Well Frozen Dream, i believe my selection really contained the best of the best output in the psychedelc trance department of his productions. After hearing the liveset with the proper material being played i can assure you that you won't be disappointed :). Also keep in mind i have optioned more tracks from him to release in the future... and other labels are welcome to ask for his chillout productions too, the artist should really be released around as much as possible!



    Great release as always Draeke, can't wait for it, hope to listen to samples soon!

  3. Think BIG, think E-mantra.


    S.H.I.T!!! This is so fucking great. This is what I´ve been waiting for since Talpas "The art of being non"!


    Spacey, dark, light, creative, imaginative, daring, emotional, sensitive, fuck it: you got a whole lot of EVERYTHING here!


    Just listened through it the first time and all are my favourites, but if I have to name one of them it must be the last one "Beyond the Boreas", mostly because of the warm bassline...


    I just CAN`T critizise anything about this.


    Keep em´coming Emmanuel. This is the future of Goa.


    I agree, a true masterpiece, best cd of the year among with Filteria's Daze and one of the best goa cds of the last years!!!

  4. Great cd, the best new school work so far in my opinion. Intense, sounds perfectly, there are tracks I will never forget, and in my opinion Filtertraces is the best trance (goatrance, psytrance, trance, whatever) track of the last years, without any doubt. I really love this work and I non stop listen to it every day. This album shows Filteria's improvements and maturity and I consider it as the new milestone in goa trance. 10/10 in my opinion.

  5. Huge cd and great review by Infected Goa, he matches my tastes, but I give this great realease 9/10


    Favourite tracks : Born Underwater, Aquarius, The Pleiades, Mermaid's Twin Sister, Mind Blowing

    Only disappointment : Rising up the sun


    I listen to my favoutite tracks more or less three times every day!

  6. Kom'an'igjen folkens! I've listened to these FREE TRACKS !! and they are SICK!!



    FREE TRACKS don't be a nippledick by not DL out of pride!






    Ps. 'Ekaterinburg' is a freestyle ambient piece and the LIVE set is UBER FAT!



    Alienated Buddha

    Real Name: Francisco Cobos Palomo & Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius

    Profile: Psytrance duo from Malaga, Spain, started in 2000, also known as Freaky (Frank Cobos Palomo) and Arguru (Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius).


    Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius aka Arguru died on the 3rd of june 2007, in a car accident in road AP-7 Benalmadena (Spain). Arguru developed a lot of machines for Buzz, VST Plugins and audio applications. His work includes NoiseTrekker, Aodix, Modix and Psycle and plugins such as DirectWave and StarDust. He was also involved with projects for ImageLine FL Studio.


    URLs: http://www.beatbiz.net/artist.php?USERID=304 http://www.discogs.com/artist/Alienated+Buddha




    But let's enjoy the musicwhich is availible and free, it's worth your time to DL and listen ;)


    Hi isn't it possible to have them at a better quality? Let me know, I really like your stuff, bye!

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