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  1. This is what I call "deep listenings" , the best purpose for this album is to listen to it just before falling asleep.The basic idea is to play with the boundaries of consciousness , to come to a state when music is half heard , half dreamt. Sure , this album also requires a lot of attention , I'm quite experienced to listen to music that most people consider as 'boring' but being attentive during a whole hour is definately an effort.But you still have the choice to fall half asleep or continue listening attentively (I prefer the first way , to be honest) I just like to add this is not the best album in it's category if you want further listening in that matter try similar album with no apparent variation : Oƶphoi - Behind the wall of sleep (1 track , 66'33") Steve Roach - Darkest Before Dawn (1 track , 73'58") Good luck to find theses ones , they are even more rare than Luciana.
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