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  1. Definitely seems alright for $160. Are they exclusively step-programmable? Surely you can just play them? EDIT: never mind; just watched first video.
  2. This is a good thread. is great fun to watch And it may not be trance, but this thread would never be without Vancouver's prodigal son
  3. This was difficult and it took much time and brain power to filter through so many righteous tracks. I thought it would be pretty easy to whittle it down to 10 or 15, but it was not. Innovation was my primary ranking criteria. There are a few tunes that would have made the list except that I found them a bit loopy. List! Chaos WyrM - and baphomet dreams of eden szop - Joogor Whelmer - Continually Unfolding Field of Relationships Silent Witch - Maestro hierophAnt - Intergalactic love song Kalilaskov AS - My Horror Show Radioactive Sandwich - Sound Vibration Technique Bomakot - Alligators Solarvibe - Mind Travel Sound Yantra - Emptiness Talking to Me Thanks to all.
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