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  1. Hello beautiful people, here in Capodimonte things are proceeding really well, all our decoration team is here already working on the field. Things are coming together, few friends around and Sonica is definetely taking shape!! Presales are now closed, thank to all of you who bought a ticket, it will be massive! Some useful informations about how to get here: Coming by car: From North: Get highway A1 towards Rome Get out at Orvieto towards Bolsena, Montefiascone, Acquapendente, after 14 km Get right towards Acquapendente After 14 km go straight towards Pitigliano After 10 km left towards Valentano Turn left to Capodimonte Turn right towards Piansano From South: Get highway A1 towards Florence Get out at Orte towards Viterbo Get out at Siena – Montefiascone Turn left towards Capodimonte Turn left towards Piansano For maps and more detailed informations, check http://www.viamichelin.com By Plane: From Ciampino airport: You can get a direct coach to Sonica. That's obviously the best choice since you just get out of the plane and sit on the bus that will directly bring you to the festival! From Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci aiport: From the train station located into the airport terminal itself, you can get a train to Orte (the train station is located inside the airport terminal). There will be coaches going from Orte train station to Sonica. The bus company we are working with is called "Terravision" and you will easily recognize them! By train: Get a train to Orte. You can check timetables and routes on http://www.trenitalia.com. There will be coaches going from Orte train station to Sonica. BUS PRICES AND TIMETABLES WILL BE PUBLISHED SOON! See you here! Edoardo
  2. Hi to all! Sonica is getting really close now, presales are almost over and we are already here since the beginning of this week building up everything. Weather is beautiful, lake is clean, already few friends around and the atmosphere is just beautiful! About the ticket issue: Once you buy your tickets on our website, you will receive a confirmation mail with a barcode as attachment. Unfortunately hotmail directly put this emails in the junk folder. IT'S NOT A PROBLEM OF OUR WEBSITE OR OF OUR SELLING SYSTEM, BUT IT'S AN HOTMAIL BUG. IF YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR BARCODE, YOU LOST IT OR WHATEVER, YOU CAN JUST SEND A MAIL TO INFO@SONICA2006.COM AND YOU WILL GET YOUR BARCODE AGAIN. IF YOU DIDN'T GET ANY ANSWER PLEASE SEND IT AGAIN SINCE IT MEANS WE DIDN'T GET IT! Presales are almost over now, there is just a small amount of tickets left for 80 EUR and they will not be available anymore after Sunday July 2nd AFTER THAT DATE WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE ANYMORE TO BUY 80 EUR TICKETS! SO HURRY UP! PRICE AT THE DOOR WILL BE 100 EUR! About the festival: Restaurants and shops reservations are over. We will have 22 restaurants and 85 shops! It means is going to be massive! We are waiting a big amount of people and we are working on the area to be sure to welcome everybody in the best possible way. Music: Music will start on Friday morning on the chill out and in the evening in the main stage. We will have a break on Saturday afternoon to set up the stage for the Ozric Tentacles concert, which will happen on Saturday around sunset time. As Josko said before, we are planning a special ending for Sonica, we are sure you will like it! So, 28 days left, Sonica is almost here and we are hyper excited and sure it will be one of the best festivals ever! SEE YOU HERE!
  3. You are right Moni, that's why I apologized. I know was not the right way to answer that mail, but it was (wrongly) supposed to be a joke. Anyway, hope, banjankri, you will change your mind this year!
  4. Hey hallo wake up! Well, first sorry for the rude reply... Was actually not supposed to be rude, maybe just funny!! Anyway sorry, don't know who answered that mail, buti apologize for him. About restaurants, they are not owned by Sonica at all, if people working there are lazy, and, mostly, they are not italians!! People from all over the world are renting spots in Sonica to set up a restaurant, so you are wrong in what you are saying. I can tell you that this is the first complain we receive from customers about they have been treated at sonica. We know about the dust, and we are solving that problem, but no one told us we have been rude or with bad attitudes... And you can check if there was any complain on other forums about this issue... I wouldn't defend myself and my festival if you were right, I am sorry for that wrong email, but from there to say that italians are lazy and you will not support the festival gives me a bad feeling, since we are truly doing our best to satisfy people. Anyway since you are coming, please come to meet me if you have time and I would love to hear from you what you think of Sonica. Respect, Edoardo
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