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  1. Not that i don't know what i bought, i've been reading about it long time before buying it and realised it's a good one but just wanted to hear your opinions since i can't try it.
  2. Ok, i didn't want to open a new topic so i just want to ask if anyone has any experience with the M-Audio Firewire 1818 soundcard.I just bought it but i can't really try it since i have all my equipment back home and i'm not home right now:D Also, can a Mac G4 with 1GHZ and 512MB ram handle Logic?
  3. LOL it's not so useless afterall but nothing's free mate and that makes it just a bit useless:D anyway keep on with the work, i beleve there are a lot of Reason users that could use ur sources and ur infos. a lot of them beside me of course that unfortunately can not spend any cash on stuff like that because of a couple of reasons: 1. don't have a credit card to pay things and even if i did there is no service for shipment in Macedonia ore anywere in the Balkan i guess and 2. I mainly use Cubase
  4. yo thnx a lot bro, very useful anyway, how do u use Recycle to make rex files? i mean it is possible right? and does Recycle marks all the spots of a loop by itself and then u just export it or u use recycle jut to export rex files and the markind is done by urself? anyone knows?
  5. hello there...i'm kinda new here. anyway...does anyone know where the hell can i download REX files (mainly trance loops but everything is welcomed).i searched every single corner i could find on the net and yet there is nothing but a couple of packs with about 20 REX's each. so if you people can help or smthn...just past a link down here. thnx
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