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  1. Has anyone mentioned the 'Power Pill' EP ?

    Its probably only -pick your favorite of the bunch, toss the rest-  but still great stuff.


    Oh yeah, a friend introduced me to that track a couple years ago. Awesome stuff.  And there's a couple of versions of it afaik.






    My personal all-time favourite has to be Polynomial C. A very simple tune that I just adore.



  2. Please tell us, I'm sure mars, nemo and myself would like to know. To current knowledge, I'm unbannable. :ph34r:


    Don't worry, it has almost nothing to do with banning. In fact, if the idea gets implemented, you are going to leave on your own will.
  3. Well this is fantastic, bwhale making multiple accounts and agreeing with his multiple personalities. 





    There's actually a way to prevent him or any other troll from posting in our forums with a simple and elegant solution, fyi.



  4. It's like they do a quick search for "psy" on pixel2life, grab the first 3 results and follow the tutorials (or even better, just steal the .psd files from the examples). Then they paste a big-ass text with the artist and album title. Voilà!


    Edit: Wow, that's weird, they even have fruityloops tutorials. Now they can make the cover AND the music on the same site. 2 birds with 1 stone people! :lol:

  5. I haven't visited in quite a while. Have they switched over to a payment-model only now? I think they were going to do that from the last time I heard..





    Anyway I posted some quick descriptions from the releases I've heard, and listed the numbers of the fav tracks that I like here:







    I totally forgot to continue that list for some reason tho.



  6. Uffff that's a rape in open daylight!!!:o


    pretty damn terrible!


    Where did u read AP is doing a oxygen remix?!


    you can say that in some way or another i know avi personally.


    i just came back from india 2 days ago. i hope i'll have the chance to meet him and gather more info.

    there is no question that the world deserve to know whats going on, but very little info is coming from astral themselves. most of the things are rummors.


    as far as i know, astral still have the issue with bne, cause they have the right of the tracks of the original album that was supposed to be released. so now they are working on new music. tracks that you guys probobly know like: "one", "humans will play for robots" and the remix for jean michelle jear (oxygen). what i dont know yet, is if astral are negotiating with a label or will release it under trust in trance. releasing in a labes means that the the album will be released quicker. trust in trance will take longer but i think that with better music.


    i realy hope to come back with much more info


  7. Does anyone know which synth Astral Projection are using in their track 'Black & White'? It's present throughout the entire track, a very high-frequency synth, with a very 'playful' melody. You can hear it almost alone at the end of the track . Very powerful in its texture, it's definately something hardware. But what exactly? A Juno? Virus? :D





    Edit: Actually, there's 2 synths. But they seem to be fighting each other thrughout the track. Very cool.



  8. No, but they get filler for their promo texts.




    "Astrix is Avi Shmailov from Israel, number 55 on the DJ Magazine top 100 dj's list of the world. Signed on the prestigious Hommega Productions and having released two personal albums on the label Avi is considered today as one of the superstars of the trance scene with his distinctive, melodic and powerful full on style. He has released many tunes on the best labels of the scene including TIP World, Vision Quest and Spun Records and is always featured on the line up of the biggest trance festivals of the world. He is at the moment putting the final touches on his upcoming album Red Means Distortion and he is back in Athens for a perfomance not to be missed under any circumstances. The crowds favorite is here to turn the dancefloor upside down."


    You know what happens when you turn your stomach upside down..
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