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  1. Well now that you've posted on a public forum about your plans, you better ask for some permission. :D





    But yeah there's like a million DJ's spinning music without any license or permision whatsoever. But hey, at least the artist gets a little bit of promotion of his music, that can't hurt.



  2. What special software? All you need is utorrent, or if you've got Opera you don't have to worry about anything (since it has torrenting integrated).





    Edit: Altho a combination of direct downloads and torrents could be a great solution. That original Torrent creator, Bram Cohen, is working on some kind of protocol to enable content streaming via the help of p2p. It would be great if a user could download directly of the web, and in the process direct some of his upload bandwidth to the next downloader via the server. Sounds complicated, but if that kind of system would work it could potentially save some bandwidth. Kind of like a direct download+p2p hybrid. Also, this could be done with HTML5, so no *special software* would be needed.

  3. I never explored the genre much. Psykovsky is pretty wicked tho, and so is Cybernetika. There's just too much dark psy out there that sounds all the same to me. Heavy dark repetitive bassline, random half-second samples with a ton of reverb and delay on them appearing every couple of seconds, and then in the pauses theres usually some audio sample from a movie or some conversation.. and then back to the beat with the bassline again.. BORING. Too minimal and repetitive, and it sounds like every dark psy artist out there uses the same damn samples and synthesizers. 





    But like I said, I've only scratched the surface of whatever is out there. I'm sure there's more artists that would give me a good impression like Psykovsky. 



  4. Helps when I get pissed off at work, and I usually drive to different places. So while I'm driving I put some pietrance and volume to da max. I think driving & psytrance really go along with each other. I have yet to go on a long trip or drive for many hours tho..

  5. If by floaty you mean progressive, then I prefer epic. I'm not sure what a "story" means, but I love it when synths and sounds play with each other, like trying to beat each other in a game. That's what I like about MWNN's tracks, it's like every lead/beat/sound is telling their own story.

  6. Happens to me as well. Here's a tip: When you have a project with sampler channels and you want to make sure you never loose those samples, save the project via File > Save as and select "Zipped Loop File" next to the "Save as Type" section. This will pack all the samples you're using including the .flp file into a zip file. FL can open zip's stored this way, you don't have to extract them or anything. This does not save any samples used by VSTs tho (like Kontakt or Battery).

  7. wave and  flac sucks , there nothing can be compared with hi quality production released on cd ( not cd -r )


    Hey kiddo, read an article or two. Or maybe digg-up an encyclopedia? Or finish high-school? Get your facts straight before you blabble in your native-engrish.
  8. I am wondering, I can find almost all Squarepusher tracks from certain albums @ youtube, why would one want to buy the album yet? It's there and very easily accessible to anyone, and with just a little bit more of an effort you could dload it from youtube 2 mp3 at your hard drive..


    I would guess because most people don't have the effort to find video-ripping software (or websites) and/or they just don't like listening to music on a video site. It kind of makes sense too, it's difficult to load a bunch of tracks in a playlist on youtube. If people are not going to buy the album, they torrent it or download from some place else.


    Also, people buy albums these days to support the artist/scene or they just like their music on plastic. I don't think theres that much people left who still don't realize they can get music for free. 

  9. It is bizarre to think that this is news to some people. Sienna who? And why should anyone care? Then again I don't fathom anything about the celebrity gossip industry... it just seems like a tremendous waste of time and energy that produces absolutely nothing of value to the human race.


    Haha, someone's a little jelious now, isn't he?  :D

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