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  1. This is a very good exsample for shitty psytrance with an stupid video clip. That shitty music sounds like crappy psytrance, who goes to popular music. And that bad animated video clip, what should it to cause or to be? It's really looking from the 90s, which included some stupid ugly looking aliens, who are also do some idiotic dance moves.
  2. Wow nice tracks. I'm curoius when you finished them.
  3. What the fuck is that? Look like a blackmarket for electronic item. LOL Can someone delete this topic?
  4. Sold: V/A - Psychedelique Transition: Andromede (Trans'Pact Productions)
  5. @jeredelic Look in your PM, please. I sent you a message.
  6. Add 3 CD's in my list Astralasia - Something Somewhere (Transient) V/A - Psychedelique Transition: Andromede (Trans'Pact Productions) V/A - Thathata (Spirit Zone)
  7. Sold out. Har El - New Pagan World (Nephilim Records) V/A - The Beginners Guide to the Galay of Psi-Trance (Active Records)
  8. These CD's are gone. Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land (Krembo Records / Hed Azri) Genetic - We are...Genetic (Dragonfly Records / Nova Tekk) Juno Reactor - Shango (Blue Room Released / Electric MELT) Mathuresh - Get Lost (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust) Sri Hari - Rising Sing (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust) Tim Schuldt - Single Collection (Sector) Psychaos - Cause and Effect (Atomic) V/A - Singularity 200-1 (Flying Rhino Records)
  9. Got a bunch of CD's for sale or trade. Juno Reactor - Transmissions (NovaMute) offer Eternal Bliss - Pyramid (Clubware Records) 10,00 Euro V/A - Abstract Phaze (Matsuri Productions) offer Trance, Techno and House: The Ambush - The Ambush (Harthouse) 25,00 Euro Pulse - Surface Tension (Harthouse) 20,00 Euro Der Dritte Raum (The Third Room) - Wellenbad (Harthouse) 20,00 Euro Off and Gone - Everest (Harthouse) 10,00 Euro Sven Väth - Ritual of Life Mixes (Eye Q) 15,00 Euro Dance 2 Trance - Moon Spirits (Blow Up) 05,00 Euro Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives (Remixes) (Blow Up) 03,00 Euro Dance 2 Trance - Take a Free Fall (Dureco) 03,00 Euro B.M.EX-Extra - Appolonia (UCR) 05,00 Euro Get F**ked - Dot to Dot (Intensiv /UCMG UK) NEW/SEALED 10,00 V/A - Mystery Trance Vol.3 (BMG/Ariola) 07,00 Euro V/A - Club Society Vol.2 (BMG/Ariola) 07,00 Euro V/A - Trancescape 1 (DJ Beat / EMI) NEW 10,00 Euro V/A - DJ Noise live at Goliath 4 (DJ Beat / EMI) NEW 10,00 Euro V/A - Trancescape 1 (DJ Beat / EMI) NEW 10,00 Euro V/A - Prestige House (Le Maquis) NEW/SEALED 10,00 Euro V/A - The Sound of Euka House (Intensiv /UCMG UK) NEW/SEALED 10,00 Euro V/A - Universal Trance Volume Three: The Trip Back (Intensiv /UCMG UK) NEW/SEALED 10,00 V/A - Steve Thomas Selected Essential Underground Beats (Intensiv /UCMG UK) NEW 10,00 Euro
  10. LOL Caiman Store. They are jerks. Offer very often many items they can't deliver. I know this stupid seller from Amazon.
  11. If you like Goa Trance, is this CD okay and I like it very. But if you like Killing Joke, you will not satisfied with it. ^^ The NIN is the only Industrial Rock Mix on this CD.
  12. 8 new CD's added for sale or trade. Let's go and catch them. Har El - Pagan Moon Child (Nephilim Records) NEW20,00 Euro MFG - Project Genesis (Phonokol) 10,00 Euro California Sunshine - Nasha (Phonokol) 12,Euro Mathuresh - Get Lost (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust) 05,00Euro Shiva Chandra - Lunar Spice (Spirit Zone) offer Tim Schuldt - Single Collection (Sector) 15,00 Euro Psychaos - Cause and Effect (Atomic) 15,00 Euro V/A - Goa Exit (Subliminal Records) LIKE NEW offer
  13. One CD sold. Man with no Name - Moments of Truth (Concept In Dance / Intercord)
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