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  1. Yeah Ring of Fire is pretty much my favorite track by GNOTR...god damn that buildup part...yeah you know what I'm talking about =)
  2. Ok, so we're almost half way through 2006 now. A lot of interesting releases have come out. Most of the releases have the following traits: -really dark -really fast -droning, unchanging (usually) bassline -little-to-no melodies -a few effects thrown around What's your take on this latest trend in psytrance? What direction is it heading in? Do you like it? Dislike it? As for me, the first time I heard this style was in Kindzadza and Friends...I liked it...it was dark and it was evil...but then it got kinda old. I recently listened to "VA - Sanatonic Audio", and the only track that I thought was kinda interesting was the Ka-Sol track (track 2 or 3 I think). The rest all sounded exactly the same to me. So what do you guys (n gals) think? Cheers!
  3. Didn't know only POSITIVE comments were allowed on this board...
  4. maaaaaaan what's with the droning bass?? doesn't change at all and these tracks are ALL at least 7:00 long! i'm getting a headache listening to this...this is all starting to remind me like that dutch hardcore gabber shit, but in a "psychedelic" form...
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