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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Kala & Yudhisthira Album: Aural Split Label: Forestdelic records Format: CD Mastering by: Ognen Zafirovski Cover artwork by: Joe the Glow Release date: 01.05.2018. Release info: As the spring blossomed forth, Gail has started his annual quest through the forest for all the tasty fruits, herbs and spices that give his brews their exquisite flavours.“The winter has been snowy and rich with floods, and the spring is getting opulently generous!” - he tought. “With a mixture like this, it seems that one of those special ones is ahead!”Out of Gail’s very own kitchen, we at Forestdelic are excited to present to you this spring’s absolute specialty on the menu. A blend in which you can clearly distinguish all the ingredients used, yet have a unique experience of a wholly different taste and texture in a very same dish!Take your sits, grab your cutlery and bon appetit! Samples: https://soundcloud.com/forestdelic/kala-yudhisthira-aural-split-mini-mix Preorder: https://forestdelic.bandcamp.com/album/kala-yudhisthira-aural-split
  2. Out of the depths of the Macedonian underground, a duo with a unique character is making a groundbreak on the international scene with their debut ep this Spring on Forestdelic records. Ogi (Yudhisthira) and Darko (Kala) have joined their powers in creating AntHill, a kicking new project of non-compromising night time psychedelic trance, exploring full power blasting dance music fuelled by their individual experience and production skills. Ant Society features three lively and vibrant tracks full of murmuring synths and flickering soundbursts that are not recommended for anyone wishing to stay peacefully calm and composed. Complex and twisted like an anthill maze, they are perfectly structured and organized like the society of the ants and will definitely make you shifting your mind in micro-macro planes. If you feel the rumbling beneath your feet, jump into the anthill and set yourself on an electric trip to find out how deep the undergrounds go! Artist: AntHill Title: Ant Society Label: Forestdelic records Format: Digital EP Release date: 31. 05. 2016. Tracklist: 1. AntHill - AntSociety 2. AntHill - BeyondMeasure 3. Anthill - Metasoma Cover art: Joe Mastering: Ognen Zafirovski Catalogue number: FDREP13 Samples:
  3. Artist: Yudhisthira Album: Stop Dreaming EP Label: Forestdelic Records Mastering: Ognen Zafirovski Date: Coming Soon Tracklist: 1. Celestial Whisper 2. The Dream Of I And Mine 3. Ecology Of The Heart As we're all sliding through Winter - some of us sitting comfortably by the fireplace, and some of us sunbathing by the Ocean - Yudhisthira has been busy reflecting upon the dynamics of our wakeful dreaming patterns, and has initiated several sound experiments in his Samsara Lab Studio with the aim of breaking the established operating modes of our minds and infusing them with a mixture of strong stimulants for altered perception. Using provoking spiritual messages, tickling sounds and his well known rhythmics, he managed to distil three different potions ready to be served and drunk immediately by all those ready for an intense inner journey of some spiritual psychedelia. Samples: https://soundcloud.com/forestdelic/sets/yudhisthira-stop-dreaming-ep
  4. Yudhisthira - Sine Qua Non 2011 NEW ALBUM Artist: Yudhisthira Label: Vertigo Records Style: Psytrance Release Date: 2011-11-25 Samples: http://www.arabesque...Itemid=99999999 Info: Vertigo Records presents the new long carved second album by pioneering psytrance act from the mystic land of Macedonia - YUDHISTHIRA . ‘Sine Qua Non’ is a real psychedelic audio fairytale narrated by experienced storytellers. The story is a deep emotional voyage through mountains, enigmatic caves, flourish forests and other sacred places where music will be your reliable guide. Their sound is sometimes deep and dark and sometimes radiant like crystal. It is a perfect tool to escape from our modern material world and plunge into the world of sound full of adventure and mysticism. Ogi and Bugi (Yudhisthira) gather their many years of experience within psychedelic music to create a complex, original and perfectly balanced sound of modern psytrance. It’s a must have album for all serious psychedelic trance followers around the globe. Be ready to feel the sacred spirit and ancient roots of Your beloved music. Tracklist : 01 Sacred Cave 02 The Room 03 Spiritual Entity 04 Material World 05 City Scapes 06 Maya 07 Om Nama Narayana 08 Kaneo 09 Weirding Way Boom!!!
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