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  1. Thanks a lot for your advice! I'll try to work some more with the limiter and remove the low frequencies. I always remove everything below 30 hz but it makes sense to remove some more.
  2. #gnireelknarf Thanks for your reply! I agree 100%. My problem is that if I turn the bassline up som more it will clip, and I don't know how to fix it yet. I can of course turn down the master-volume, but that doesn't solve it since the whole track will be to low IMO. Any advices here? Kick is made in BazzISM and bass is made in Sylenth1 (SAW wave, no sine to backup) and I've spend several hours just on basslines, but I haven't yet managed to create a bassline that I'm totally satisfied with. As it is now it's way to soft. I need it to "pump" some more
  3. Hi everybody! I just finished a new tune, made in Cubase 7.5 - I know that it's not top professional and there's a long way to go to make it sound pro, so all constructive feedback is very welcome Thanks in advance! // Morten
  4. #Rotwang Thank u sir! #K-BAN Thanks a lot for your feedback and sorry for my late response. Hehe it wasn't me, I planned to go to SUN but the trip was unfortunately cancelled I will try to focus more on increasing the volume and work more on EQ'ing. Again, thanks a lot!
  5. Hey guys, Here's a new tune I've been working on the past couple of weeks. Any feedback is highly appreciated! Have a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/magixmx/magix-reflecting-mind-unmastered // Morten
  6. Hi everybody, Please have a listen to my new track here: https://soundcloud.com/magixmx/magix-changes-unmastered I really could use some feedback since I'm still new in music production The track is made in Cubase 7.5 - 138 BPM. Thanks! // Morten Wriedt
  7. Hi everybody, Here's the latest track I made, my first production in Cubase 7.5. Please have a listen! https://soundcloud.com/magixmx/w-w-unmastered All feedback is appreciated since I'm still new in music production. Thank you. Morten Wriedt
  8. http://soundcloud.com/magixmx/killer-voyage-2-psytrance * Title: Killler Voyage 2 * Date: 17-12-2011 * Genre: Psytrance / Fullon * Length: 01:00:00 * Format: MP3 * File size: 137,31 mb * Equipment used: 2 x CDJ200, 1 behringer djx700 * Tracklist: Peace Maker vs. Bounce - Bounce the Peace Magnetica vs. Z-Machine - Sacred Spirit Kinesis - Hidden Messages (Polypheme Remix) Skoocha - Domino's Theory Waio - Symbolika U-Recken - The Labyrenth Mekkanikka - Silver Haze Quantum - Shakti Pat Materia - Brainiac Ephedrix - Astral Ignition (XSI Remix) Enjoy
  9. http://soundcloud.co...e-mix-2-145-bpm * Title: Fullon / Psytrance mix 2 * Date: 15-11-2011 * Genre: Fullon / Psytrance * Length: 56 min 34 sec * Format: MP3 * File size: 129,45 mb * Equipment used: 2 x CDJ200, 1 behringer djx700 * Tracklist: Peace Maker - Fulki XSI - Nightmare XSI vs. Mekkanikka - Nuts Mad Maxx vs. Space Tribe - Peak Experience Peace Maker - Night Life E-Jekt - Big Brother Bionix - Back Down Kinesis vs. Voyager - Preserve Destiny Waio vs. E-Jekt vs. XSI - Join Forces Ovnimoon ft. Via Axis & Itomlab - Galactic Mantra (Ovnimoon 2011 Remix) Enjoy!!
  10. Psytrance / Fullon set: http://soundcloud.co...e-mix-1-145-bpm Tracklist: U-Recken vs. Nitro - Eternity (Peace Maker Remix) Delirious - Reality XSI - Once Again Psilocybe Project - Once Again XSI - Black Out Peace Maker - Irony Polypheme - Te Quiro Puta (Block Device Remix) XSI - Do It Live Mad Maxx vs. Peace Maker - God of Neptunes Polypheme - D.E.V.I.L Domestic vs. Pixel - Deep & Down 145 bpm - 320 kbps (44,1 kHz) Euipment: 2 x Pioneer CDJ 200 + Behringer DJX700 Enjoy
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