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  1. Hi folks, Im George aka Stellar Flux, from Tbilisi, Georgia. here we have small psychedelic community, doing small events from time to time and trying to keep it psychedelic ^^ you can check our psychedelic vibes here : https://soundcloud.com/stellarflux Reviews, comments, critics, ideas and any space/time manipulations are welcomed Thnx
  2. I'll check it Nice tracklist dude :up:
  3. that was great party with great partyppl !!! Me & ॐ ze ॐ playin' PS : I'm Obrigado
  4. thanx for trying i hope u will listen to it
  5. Obrigado - Psychedelia 01.Lish-Slow Me Away(Wizzy Noise Rmx) 02.GMS & Earthling-Psychedelic Circus(Astrix Rmx) 03.Altoem-People Are Strange 04.Astral Projection-Chaos(Bizzare Contact Rmx) 05.Astrix & Domestic-Solaris Pt.2 06.Sirius Issness-I Want Freedom 07.Melicia-Genesis 08.Bizzare Contact-Plastic Fantastic 09.Electric Universe-Athina 10.Ecco-Sequence 11.Ecco Vs.Obrigado-Renaissance Total Time 72:30 Size 99.5 MB Bit Rate 192 kbps Download from sendspace.com Enjoy the psychedelia PS : this set played on radio schizoid @ 08.03.07 Find here have a good trip
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