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  1. This is an excellent album. Gee havent used that description for a progressive release since Son Kite. It is a complete album. Not one or two good tracks in between filler. It took him a long time to release this and i am glad he took the time. He has ticked all the right box's. Sound Quality :clapping: Depth :clapping: Originality ( Vibrasphere my arse) :clapping: .You can not play this softly. Just do your self a favour and get this.
  2. I know its an oldie, but its my fav.
  3. 1: Antix. Twin Coast Discoveries 2: Senseint. Pressure Optimal. 3: Jaia. Fiction. 4: V/A Urban Legends. 5: Behind Blue Eyes. I totally expect to see Senseint in this list next year as well.
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