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  1. "Let 'em eat static!" (I think in track Eat Static on Prepare Your Spirit. I'll listen to it tonight to be sure!) Quote from the bad guy (Khan) in Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. What album name (and track) is coming from the same movie?
  2. 1. Indoor - Progressive Trance 2. Transwave - Phototropic 3. Eat Static - Abduction 4. MFG - The Prophecy 5. Pleiadians - IFO 6. Hallucinogen - Twisted 7. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional 8. Shpongle - Are you Shpongled? 9. Ra - 9th 10. VA - Chakra Red Personal favorites
  3. Hi! I'll be travelling to Dublin. Could someone advise me on places to visit (in the city, as I won't rent a car)? Are there some bars were I'll enjoy some good music? Thanks, Best vibes from Belgium, Sergio
  4. I've been listening to Ozric since the late '80s and I nearly fell off my chair reading this Now I know why I love Eat Static so much
  5. I LOVE it, one of the album I listen to the most often. And 1979 Flashdance is one of my all-time favorites!!!
  6. Shiva Space Japan: AI (Love) part 1. Can't stop listening to it (especially Projective Hands - Emotional, btw did he made other tracks?)
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