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  1. I have been on previous UWOG and it was pretty good, not many people about 1000 i would guess, which was enough. This year UWOG will be on the same location, near Pula, on the coast. Now about location...everything was good except that one had to walk for an hour to get to the clear sea (or about 5-10mins car drive). But if one coming with a car, thats a different story ...one can explore nearby coast etc... However, i had a really good time there and i'll be there this year too
  2. Main Floor Live act: The Commercial Hippies (Nano Records) SA Protoculture (Nano Records) SA Hydrophonic (Nano Records) SA The Electric Ant (Nano Records) UK Beat Bizarre (Iboga) Germany Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga) Denmark BLT (Iboga) Israel Tron (Liquid Records) Mexico Pion (Liquid and Solid) Serbia DJ set: Ans (Nano Records) UK Regan (Nano Records) SA Nate (Nano Records) SA Chesh (Nano Records) SA Banel (Iboga) Denmark Yuli (Iboga) Israel TV (Oxygen Records) Czech Slater (Tribal Vision Records) Czech Zvuk Ahimze (Audiodevlish) Slovenia Redax Mental (Interzone) Slovenia Njax (Tribalizer) Croatia Hip (Tribalizer) Croatia Sekkt (Tribalizer) Croatia Tishma (SPK) Serbia Ganesh (Submedia) Croatia Richma (Chilli Bar) Croatia Twisted Twins (Soundforms) Croatia Nesho (Mars Room) Croatia Alen (Mars Room) Croatia Val Vashar (Vashar) Croatia Kunoichi Bosnia + More TBC Chill Out Floor Live act: Phutureprimitive (Native State Records) USA Kukan Dub Lagan (Candyflip Records) Israel Planet Boelex (Monotonik) Finland Musica Ex Machina Croatia DJ set: Banel (Iboga) Denmark Nanda (Chilosophy Music) Chile Slater (Tribal Vision Records) Czech Dovla (Sofa Beats) Croatia Val Vashar (Vashar) Croatia Richma (Chilli Bar) Croatia Pipal (Chilli Bar) Croatia Deva (Radio Student) Croatia Indra (Radio Student) Croatia Batis (Radio Student) Croatia Om Kudjo (HUKnet) Croatia + More TBC for more info check www.underwater-overground.com
  3. funny sample indeed.... NAKED TOURIST - IT'S ME also one more track with almost all super mario sounds
  4. The location of this year UWOG is still unkown, as well as the artists. But the date has been set and it starts on 24th of July. For more information u can check out UWOG official site www.underwater-overground.com
  5. RUMPELTANENZCHEN festival 2006 international progressive-psy-trance festival 28. - 31. July 2006 Livno - Bosnia & Hercegovina line up: D-Tek (Planet B.E.N. rec - Maia rec.) Mexico Planet B.E.N. (Planet B.E.N. rec. - Flying rhino rec.) Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zone) Thailand T-Ground (Planet B.E.N. rec. - Tirana rec.) Albania Space Safari (Polaroid rec.) Germany Magical (Planet B.E.N. rec.) Germany Jay Pauli (Force Sense rec.) Germany Jackomo (Sound of Earth) Switzerland Bisturi (Planet B.E.N. rec.) Albania El Tani(Planet B.E.N. rec.) Albania Vanja (OV-Silence - Liquid&Solid) Macedonia Axel (Spirit Zone) Germany Da Hosch (Paloma rec.) Germany D-Nox (Sprout rec.) Germany Doc (Candyflip rec.) Greece Sid Gautama(Simato rec.) Indonesia Shawnodese (Mindfunk rec.) Netherlands Blackout (Planet B.E.N. rec.)Israel live acts: Lani (Kairoo rec.) Belgium Altom (Neurobiotic rec.) France Motion 040 (Get physical rec.) Germany Dari Sana (Simato rec.) Indonesia FM (Planet B.E.N. rec.) Germany Goma (Spliff Music) Swizerland http://www.rumpeltaenzchen.de info@rumpeltaenzchen.de tel: +49-173-2743181
  6. Gathering of the Tribes - Tchamla Kingdom 07.-11.07.2006. Rodopi Mountains, Bulgaria Live Acts : Andromeda / Y.S.E. rec. , Groove Zone rec. / Sweden Artax / Glowing Flame rec. , Transient rec. / Sweden Bio Electronic Noise / Datura Project rec. , Wonderlantical Exploring rec. / Macedonia Braincell / Glowing Flame rec. / Switzerland Chromosome / Y.S.E. rec. , Millenium rec. / Sweden Etnica / Etnica.net rec. / Ibiza Gain Reduction / Psytech team / Bulgaria Imaginery Sight / Glowing flame rec. / Macedonia ---- Mystic Instict / Glowing Flame rec. / Macedonia --- Rastaliens / Glowing Flame rec. , Boom rec. / Switzerland Soul Surfer / Y.S.E. rec. , Millenium rec. / Sweden Yudishidra / Glowing Flame rec. / Macedonia ------- Wonderlantic / Datura Project rec, Wonderlantical Exploring rec. / Macedonia Dj's : Andon / Psytech team / Bulgaria ------- B.e.n. / Datura Project rec. / Macedonia ----- Marko / Glowing Flame rec. / Macedonia Muskarin / Psytech team / Bulgaria Oggi Doggi / Glowing Flame rec. / Macedonia Ox / Glowing Flame rec. / Macedonia Pan Papanson / Etnica.net rec. / Ibiza Fairytale. / Inspirit / Bulgaria P-Mac / Ketuh rec. / Portugal ------- Shev / Fuzz Bubble rec. / Macedonia Styx / Trancelvania / Romania -------- Troll Hunters / Psychomania / Macodonia Venzak / Psytech team / Bulgaria Wonderlantic / Datura Project rec. / Macedonia Tickets: Till 1 may 20 eu Till 1 june 30 eu Till 1 luly 35 eu At door 40 eu info: http://www.art-hostel.com more info soon...
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