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  1. We are searching for someone who would like to sell us TWO tickets for the Boom Festival. Get in touch, preferably by email, at this address: spectral_sun@earth-intelligence.org Thank you!
  2. Hey you portugese ppl! How much is the flight from Portugal mainland to the Azores??
  3. New to UWOG, a kicking line-up!!! Live: Main Floor: The Commercial Hippies (Nano Records) SA Protoculture (Nano Records) SA Hydrophonic (Nano Records) SA The Electric Ant (Nano Records) UK Beat Bizarre (Iboga) Germany Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga) Denmark BLT (Iboga) Israel Tron (Liquid Records) Mexico Pion (Liquid and Solid) Serbia Chill-Out Floor: Phutureprimitive (Native State Records) USA Kukan Dub Lagan (Candyflip Records) Israel Planet Boelex (Monotonik) Finland Musica Ex Machina Croatia DJ´s: Main Floor: Ans (Nano Records) UK Regan (Nano Records) SA Nate (Nano Records) SA Chesh (Nano Records) SA Banel (Iboga) Denmark Yuli (Iboga) Israel TV (Oxygen Records) Czech Slater (Tribal Vision Records) Czech Shawnodese (Mind Funk) Holland/Venezuela Jan (B.M.R.) Switzerland Zvuk Ahimze (Audiodevlish) Slovenia Redax Mental (Interzone) Slovenia Kanc (Soundmute) Serbia Njax (Tribalizer) Croatia Hip (Tribalizer) Croatia Sekkt (Tribalizer) Croatia Tishma (SPK) Serbia Ganesh (Submedia) Croatia Richma (Chilli Bar) Croatia Twisted Twins (Soundforms) Croatia Nesho (Mars Room) Croatia Alen (Mars Room) Croatia Val Vashar (Vashar) Croatia Kunoichi aka Semra (Psychoactive) Bosnia and Herzegovina + More TBC Chill-Out Floor: Banel (Iboga) Denmark Nanda (Chilosophy Music) Chile Slater (Tribal Vision Records) Czech Dovla (Sofa Beats) Croatia Val Vashar (Vashar) Croatia Richma (Chilli Bar) Croatia Pipal (Chilli Bar) Croatia Deva (Radio Student) Croatia Indra (Radio Student) Croatia Batis (Radio Student) Croatia Om Kudjo (HUKnet) Croatia
  4. Was Skazi there ey? Or what do you mean??? I don´t remember the line-up so much, but I do like the progressive acts they had... But of corse I like some wired swedish foresty tunes... =) it´s my home country you know...
  5. This pics look wonderful! =) Too bad only that it didn´t came so many ppl... Nice with a smaller festival tough... but around 500-1000 ppl would be great!
  6. Sad to hear... Was it commersial in 2003? In what way? I never came there... :/
  7. http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/.../72889/forum/53 Anyone from Greece who knows if this rumour is true? Will there be a Samthraki Gathering from the original Samothraki Dance festival crew 2007?
  8. It seems to be happening anyway, check the isratrance forum Soulclipse thread: http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...um/53/start/540
  9. So... where is the festival? it´s a big country...
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