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  1. http://www.rave.ca/view.php?photos=58049 http://www.rave.ca/view.php?photos=58154 http://www.rave.ca/view.php?photos=58156
  2. Im am not selling the originals, what im selling is a high-res color copy on rigid cardboard, in a thermal plastic coating. Like a poster, but higher res (posters are rasterized) and more resistant (resist to water and spills)
  3. Mandala for sell 11' ' X 14' ' 15$ Canadian
  4. No i am not from India, i am from Qu├ębec, a eastern province of Canada. My real name is MAude Cliche-Ricard. However, India is a country that attracts me and inspires me a lot. Id like someday to go visit India, and learn bathik techniques
  5. The author is me! Most of my mandalas are made with gel pencils or acrylic paint and most of them react to blacklight.. And to make them symmetric i use the "flower of life"
  6. I knew that posting my canvas here will gave me little chance to sell it but well we never know ... I already have a potential buyer here in Canada but i thought about also posting it here. There is also chance that this canvas will be put in an art galery to be sold. No i'm not the musical artiste Sanjiva. Maude is my name and Sanjiva is my artist nickname. Love&light
  7. I'd like to specify that this is NOT a backdrop but a real painting. This mandala is done on a real canvas with real acrylic paint. It as also been varnished. I'd also like to mention that the price is negociable. it took three and a half month to complete this mandala. It's not visible on the photo but there are intricate details. To facilitate transport, the mandala is mounted on wooden support. We can arrange for a rounded price that will include shipping charge.
  8. To afflict for my English, I am not very good. Yes I am the "artist" I this painting sells because I believe that it is time that it can travel, and also because if I sells it, that will enable me to be able to turn over to the studies (in this field). This mandala this names: "the 5e element" and there are full with details which we see only with a blacklight. Painting acrylic on canvas (like true a painting).
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