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    ...and what Ecstasy means!" -Wasson
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    Outdoor activities, psychedelic trance (Progressive, dark, South African, chill, oldschool, some fullon...), parties, music creation, lucid dreams, metaphysics, physics, astronomy, road trips, California greens, stuff...

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I live in Reno, Nevada, USA. Ive been into electronic music since the mid 90s but it wasnt until the mid 00's that I finally got serious about it all. I played around with Impulse Tracker in the late 90s in high school and always had that bug in the back of my head to pursue electronic music production. I discovered Renoise around 2004 and after that the dominoes started to fall; I got a CDJ setup and a bunch of cd's, learned to mix, learned the general structuring of psytrance, and began along the path I still follow. Lots of water under the bridge, lots of trials and lots of errors and Ive finally made it to a place where I can confidently say 'I make psytrance'. And I dont mix it too bad either. If only I could find more parties to play... At least I have the love of a good woman and a little girl to give me a reason to keep trying.

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