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  1. What releases would you put in this catigory? I'm talking complex, detailed synth work, interesting cymbal work and clever basslines double kick fills. That sorta thing. Can be full on or not...just looking for the good stuff.
  2. I yeah I don't think I'd trip, on either mescaline, lsd or shrooms while listening dark psy trance (from what I've heard of it, which is only 3 or 4 songs). The wrong music can be a nightmare. I haven't tripped in 5 years, but even back then I only did mescaline (peyote) and shrooms. We listened to Sasha+Digweed/Oakenfold and stuff of that nature. I don't even know how I would handle goa or full on Mortal Kombat psy trance, I would think ecstacy would be better for the faster, more crazy stuff. But I degress. Besides the occasional joint or cocktail, I don't get messed up too often at all.
  3. The last four tracks on Sasha+Digweed's Northern Exposure Vol2 East Coast. Breathtaking..... Fluke - Reeferendum Lost Tribe - Angels Gus Gus - Purple (equally good version on Tranceport too) Hybrid - Symphony
  4. DOH! *slaps forehead* I didn't even realize we had a review section, until you mentioned it. Sorry about this thread, guys. Thanks for the compliment.
  5. I'm talking about that old school Astral Projection style bouncy bubbly kick drum sound. Love it! Who else has kicks with this sound? I know the Pleiadians had a similar thuddy, pulsing thing going on.
  6. Sorry. I don't know how to delete this thread.
  7. List what you think are the top 20 classic releases. All styles are welcome!
  8. I keep my cds in a rack I came across at Target, it holds about 150 or so. I like the idea of the rack, so the cases don't get all scratched up. But I want to put my discs in some sort of organizer/book thingy. I want a nice quality one that we'll be gentle on the discs. Recommendations? PS= I know this is a bit obsessive but music is a HUGE part of my life, and my cds are like children to me, !
  9. any other etailers carry goa~psy? I know there has to be. my wallet is already mad at me. but I can't help it, I love this music.
  10. changed my avatar, shaft! I like this one better, anyway...haha!
  11. well is there a strategy one follows in these situations?
  12. I'm really interested in this band! But I can't find IFO anywhere!
  13. I bought Filteria~Sky Input & The Misted Muppet~From The Legend. I am so stoked. Can't wait to recieve them. How long does it take to ship from Psyshop (Germany?) to NC USA? Next two I want to get are Hallucinogen~Twisted and CPU~Computer Error. Thanks for all your suggestions. I had no idea what to look for. But these look like two killer releases. -clay
  14. I was just curious as to how long the songs were. I haven't placed my order yet. But I know for sure I'm getting the Filteria cd. Thanks, guys, for the responses. Keep 'em coming! ~clay
  15. Oh I don't download, never have. I don't believe in pirating. Plus I like to have the actual booklet. I like a neat, well taken care of music collection. ~clay
  16. kYper

    your fav BPM

    Anywhere from 140-150...just depends on my mood.
  17. Would you happen to know the track lengths on the CPU cd? ~clay
  18. I'm a newbie. Just got into Goa & Psytrance about a week ago. Fixing to make my first purchase of two cds. Any recommendations? You guys look like a cool crowd here, so I'll stick around awhile ~Clay
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