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  1. Just a simple video for the track Cosmic Mantra:
  2. A new live chillout mix of the original track =) Feng - Cosmic Mantra (End of World Mix) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1DWDWF4V
  3. Newschool goa trance. Appreciate all comments! Feng - Cosmic Mantra http://www.sendspace.com/file/h75pzj Alternate link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DA9PHVQH
  4. Feng @ radiomonash.net//Airport Lounge Mondays, 1300-1400 AEST (GMT+10) 08/09/2008 Set Playlist (Mix 8 - Progressive-Minimal) 1. Logarhythmic - Rocket Ride - Spiral Trax 2. Shiva Chandra - Get Wipped On Double Dipped - Spirit Zone 3. Molecular vs DJ Auspexx - Winds of War - Neurobiotic 4. Haldonium - The Last Dance - Plusquam 5. Odiseo - Enjoy - Blue Tunes 6. FREq - Dreambody (Progressive Mix) - Iboga 7. Ticon - Back to basic - Digital Structures 8. Hydraglyph - Wacko - Nano 9. Cosmic Tone - Stress Pill - Trancelucent 10. Uni - Sarasvati (Shakta Remix) - Panorama 11. Ott - Cley Hill - Twisted DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?wsc9yzrmdwj Appreciate all comments!
  5. do you think its advisable to play psy remixes of "mainstream" tracks to make it more accessible?
  6. Hey guys I'll be running an hour-long weekly psy radio show soon on my uni's radio station and it will be podcasted over internet as well. I'm planning to do a psy/ambient/chillout liveset - featuring psychedelic music and some obscure electronic, with probably a segment introducing a classic psy tune and a new release. Gig info will probably be also included if there are gigs around the area. If I can get access to recorded interviews from psy artists, I might also consider putting them on a fortnightly basis. I'm seeking advice from you guys here as to what other things I could include as part of the show to make it more interesting and more accessible to people. (Most people here don't listen to psy anyway) Anyone with experience in radio broadcasting, I'd also appreciate it if you could let me know some of the things to consider when running such a show. Thanks
  7. Stuff I enjoy: Old-school Goa (My fav), new-school goa, progressive, dark (took me really long to understand this), suomi, psybient... minimal is ok too, full-on is not too bad, but gets boring after awhile recently I gained an acquired taste for all the wierd suomi stuff - Salakavala, Luomohappo, Puoskari, Igor Swamp and the other releases by Antiscarp are really great! havent heard much nizhonot and psybreaks yet though Psy-influenced music aside, I enjoy: orchestral, baroque, classical, folk, tribal, acid jazz, trance, tech house, ambient, trip hop, and some Drum & Bass and post rock sparingly
  8. btw Igor Swamp is really cool! Puoskari and Luomohappo is pretty good also (along with most Antiscarp releases) its just a pity that good Goa is hard to come by these days, but we do have the guys at Suntrip churning out decent stuff. =) And yea i think goa is up for a revival of sorts, looking at some of the goa re-releases these days (dimension 5 - transdimensional, transwave - backfire). Heck, i only started listening to goa during 2003.
  9. try loading it without the plugins and see if it works
  10. thanks for your advice. I'll see what I can do with the build at 2:40. I wrote that part really quite impromptu actually
  11. I'm a newbie at writing psy. This is my second psy track and i need some precious feedback on it. Its about 70-80% complete currently i think. For this track, I'm leaning much towards the goa side of things, with strong emphasis on 303 synths for the lead. I just hope its trippy enough. =) I'd really appreciate any comment that'll let me improve on my works. Thanks!! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bmy1vjvimuy
  12. very trancy...but not exactly psy. I really like the way your track progresses and melodic buildup and stuff...just wish I could hear how you did the breakdown part.. Cheers. :clapping:
  13. I produce some psy and also ambient tracks myself, but I'm new as well so do not take my comments as professional advice. here are some of my comments: A very dark, spacey track overall - (actually it kinda sounds like suomi stuff). The stongest part about your track is definitely your intro beats....thats good.. and the funky gamelean samples u used really enhanced the overall exotic atmosphere. BUT, the track is too empty without other percussions. Add louder claps/hihats/bells/etc. Bassline is too light. You definitely need more fx and squelching sounds. Some arppegios coupled with another 303 synth would be pretty good. Another good part is that you actually managed to get the throbbing beat going on. Keep it up dude. =)
  14. i've just recently done this track, and i hope you guys can help me out by giving me some comments so i can improve on my future tracks...Thank you and have a nice day! "Feng - Intencity"
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