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  1. Just got in the mail like 5 min ago! :D Shpongle - nothing lasts... ...but nothing is lost wow, just go up to track 3 ... so happy i just had to put somthing here about it... also got... shpongle - are you shpongled? and The special edition double cd / Mystery of the Yeti - Mystical experiences --already had the mp3ige but is just not the same...
  2. Yea, it made me so happy for an album with incense sticks... i had to buy it...
  3. Cool! - however it seems the show has been postponed? "The new date has yet to be announced" duno still need to confirm this .. . it is not listed on www.bleudetroit.com ... but it is listed on the IM site still... not listing anyghing on groovetickets.com -i am bummin..
  4. 1200 micrograms - "Glories Of Greece" ?
  5. It will be at BLEU 1540 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48222 313.222.1900 i think the reason it was so difficult to find is b/c their web site is all flash... Google has no way to index flash.... SO REMEMBER TO POST A TEXT VERSION OF YOUR WEB PAGES PEOPLE!
  6. Where is this at? I want to buy tickets but i duno how/where to go
  7. 1. Clasic Mushroom 2. Converting Vegies (i like both sides... im a freak) 3. The Gathering 4. BP Empire there is no supervisor... -IMHO it only has a few brief moments of unsanity
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